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If your industry has special needs for our products, we need to provide products that are more suitable for your environment.

If you think our product is very helpful for your industry application and want to further understand the function of the product, please contact us from here.

Customized service

Nanhua always has a better product for you!

Our design and production team provides professional customized services to improve your business efficiency.

Our slogan is "born for safety", so we know that the easier it is to use products, the more you will benefit.

At the same time, reducing costs and improving efficiency is a challenge. We are working hard for this.

For example, if you keep the original voltage unchanged and keep the original equipment in good condition, we can make products that meet your requirements.

This requires us to provide you with a flexible and personalized solution.

Whether it is customizing small cabinets, custom mounting accessories, or recording exclusive voice, change control mode...

Providing high quality customized services is a solemn commitment to Nanhua.

* Costs for customized products will very according to the requirements in each case. Consult with your sales representative for details.

Zero risk trial

We have full confidence that our products will exceed your expectations.

You can install safe and reliable lamps and lanterns within 30 days of applying for a free trial.

If you are not satisfied, please contact us within 30 days and return the product.

We will choose more appropriate products for you according to the situation.

NANHUA sales engineers will ensure the correct product configuration for your requirements.

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* Customers need to pay for the transportation and handling costs of products sent and returned, which is pursuant to the NANHUA agreement.
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