Creating flexible and efficient generator set lighting and safety solutions

NANHUA has been focusing on the needs of customers in the field of wind power since 2008 and has developed products especially suited for field use in wind power. The world's first specific LED wind turbines lighting was created during this period. We are cooperating with the world-famous machine manufacturers and domestic major owners, such as: Vestas, GE, Goldwind, United Power, Shanghai Electric, Yuanjing Energy, Siemens Gamesa, Datang, Huadian, Huaneng and so on.

LED lighting products have become the preferred configuration for megawatt wind generators. Our products have obtained UL certification, China CCC certification, and EU CE certification. NANHUA Aviation Aeronautical Obstruction Lights obtained the “Certificate of Validation of Civil Aerodrome Special Equipment” issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China and passed the testing of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), SABS (South African Aviation Administration) and other professional organizations.

Cabin lighting

aircraft cabine light image

The cabin is equipped with key equipment for wind turbines, including gearboxes and generators. The maintenance personnel entered the nacelle through the wind turbine tower and overhauled the blades and shaft of the wind turbine rotor at the left end of the nacelle. The lighting quality in the cabin is particularly important for maintenance personnel, and NANHUA LED cabin lighting was born. NANHUA LED cabin lighting firstly use the external junction box and sockets which is convenient for maintenance personnel to take power. The shade pattern design makes the LED light soft, glare-free, and long-lived, energy saving and environmental protection. The products are easy to install and maintain. These features have won the customers' recognition of NANHUA.

Hub Lighting

Wheel hub lighting diagram

The hub is the key component of the wind power equipment. It connects the blades and the main shaft. Its role is to withstand the thrust of the wind acting on the blades and drive the hub clockwise to turn the wind energy into mechanical energy. Due to the small space of the hub, dim light and 360° rotation, the product performance requirements are very high. NANHUA lighting products are recognized by customers for having strong anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-vibration and anti-impact properties which can meet these conditions.

NANHUA hub lighting solves the dazzling problem in the narrow space lighting of the hub and creates a clear and comfortable working space with soft light. LED lighting products have a life span of up to 100,000 hours. They can operate stably for extended periods and require no maintenance. This solves the problem of the narrow hub space and the need for frequent maintenance.

Pitch cabinet lighting

Pitch cabinet lighting image

The pitch system is one of the core parts of the large-scale wind turbine control system and plays an important role in the safe, stable and efficient operation of the unit. When the wind force is large, the angle of attack of the blade is reduced by adjusting the device; when the wind is small, the angle of attack of the blade is increased by the adjusting device. However, when the pitch control system is in a confined space, it is difficult to inspect and repair.

NANHUA has developed a lighting fixture that is suitable for small space and high brightness. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, and long life. It is compact, flexible and adopts the lead wire method to facilitate the wiring of the power supply and facilitates the installation.

Wind Turbine Tower lighting

the tower door lighting lamp image

Wind turbine tower lighting is to support the nacelle and blade, keep these parts running at a certain height and get enough wind energy to keep the generator running. Wind tower can maintain safety and reliability under different conditions, which is the precondition for the normal operation of the entire wind turbine.

As the current generation of megawatt-level wind turbines has gradually increased, the lighting requirements in the wind tower have also evolved to meet the needs of the market, NANHUA wind tower lighting products have been upgraded to meet the demand and bring considerable benefits.

Tower lighting

the tower door light image

Wind farms are mostly on the coastal, mountain, onshore, offshore, islands, seawalls, and desert areas. They have harsh environments such as high winds, extreme cold and sand. In order to provide enough illumination to meet the access requirements of safety personnel, NANHUA LED lighting LW22 series products with high protection performance and corrosion resistance, adopts high-power LED light source, featuring high brightness, low power consumption and long life to meet these conditions. Light body uses aluminum alloy, with heat dissipation, anti-oxidation function, provides long-term stability along with a sealed structure, waterproofing, strong vibration resistance.

Audible Visual Alarm

Audible Visual Alarm diagram

With the development of the wind power industry, there is more attention on the safety aspects of wind turbine. Large-scale power generation equipment must be equipped with status signal indication products during operation. At the same time, they must be compatible with the intelligent systems of various types of wind turbines, and function as status indications and safety alarms. NANHUA AL80 series sound and light alarms which have small size and lightweight, high brightness flash and alarm sound louder, can be used for extended periods providing reliability and stability. The light body uses PC material, Fresnel lens in an effective design, with superior light transmission, anti-UV, and anti-aging.

Aviation obstruction light

Installation of Aviation Obstruction Lights on Wind Turbines

With the increase of alternative energy sources internationally, there are increasing numbers of ultra-high wind turbines. This creates new risks for aviation, requiring correct aviation obstruction lights on wind turbines in order to warn aircraft.

NANHUA has rich experience and leading edge technical expertise in aviation obstruction light products. They are certified by domestic and international civil aviation organizations and can be applied to the outside of the cabin and to the harsh outdoor environment. As special equipment in the field of aerospace, aviation obstruction lights can make reliable signal warnings for wind turbine, avoiding the danger that the aircraft may pose.

wind speed sensor and wind direction sensor

offshore wind speed and direction sensor for wind turbine

High sensitivity and accuracy wind speed/direction sensor are the essential products for wind power industry since it needs to focus on wind speed and wind direction constantly. Harsh environments such as low temperature, sea, ice, typhoon, and sandstorm also require products with exceptional high performance. NANHUA products can overcome the harsh environments with high capability, becoming the “eyes” to the wind power industry.

With 30-years of experience in this industry, NANHUA has a strong technical team to support our high quality products, and they are approved by Measurement Apparatus Type Approval Certificate CPA & National Appliance Manufacturing Measuring Instruments Licensing CMC.

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