Lighting for Rail Transit Safety

With the understanding of the application requirements in the industrial environment, we have developed lights for rail transit areas such as platforms, working tunnels, underground passages and tunnels. In order to create a good lighting environment for workers and passengers, our products use high-quality LED light sources. Compared with traditional lamps, LED has the following advantages: high energy savings, environmentally friendly, strong shock resistance, and strong stability in rail transit applications. These advantages make NANHUA products more than adequate for rail transit areas.

At the same time, the safety factors and basic functions of our products are strictly in accordance with the relevant standards. They can fully meet the functional requirements and economic benefits of rail transit in terms of comfort, design, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and durability. With the advancement of smart city construction and the increase in demand for rail transit communications, we look forward to providing more innovative and reliable products and solutions for our customers.

Platform Lighting

Platform lighting image

NANHUA lights can be used in indoor and outdoor areas, For instance, providing a clear, long-lasting and stable lighting on crowded platforms, so that every person feels comfortable.

Depending on the site situation, flush mounting, surface mounting, or integrated duct lighting systems are optional. We ensure the durability of materials and light span up to 50,000 hours and long maintenance cycle to save costs, Excellent light distribution design greatly increases the lighting range, and also ensures the reliability of product operation, providing security lighting for platforms.

Work Tunnel Lighting

Work tunnel lighting image

NANHUA is committed to meeting the requirements of work and installation. We choose high-quality components that can resist embrittlement and cracking, so that products do not flicker or break in frequent high-intensity vibration environments. Our products have heat and chemical resistance capability, compact structure design, and they can be used effectively in wet environments.

In working tunnels our products have the characteristics of small size and easy installation on site, ensuring that our lights can provide trouble-free, efficient, and maintenance-friendly operation even under harshest work environment.

Underground tunnel lighting

Work tunnel lighting image

Considering that tunnel lights operate with lower ceiling heights and potential damage from work operations, NANHUA designed products that incorporate durable materials, robust design, and soft lighting to prevent excessive glare. Our lights exceed IP65 standards regarding water resistance, dust, and external damage far beyond the standard.

Normal tunnel lighting

Tunnel lighting image

Good tunnel lighting is necessary for safe visual conditions, reduce driver fatigue, help improve tunnel traffic capacity and ensure general traffic safety. Our products use PC-lined lamp shades to effectively solve the problem of LED glare, making the lighting clear and soft without glare.

Lights installed on the surface of the tunnel need to meet corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant requirements. Our product is consist of polymer and stainless steel brackets, and the IP65 protection grade allows the product to be applied in indoor or outdoor areas.

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