Provide reliable products for applying to harsh working conditions

NANHUA provides reliable products for ships and maritime work to deal with harsh operating conditions. The products could work under temperature -40℃ to 70℃; The water-proof level is IP66-IP67, and can operate effectively on ships, oil platforms, all types of work boats, and anti-explosion 1 area & 2 areas.

NANHUA provides superior quality helicopter aid-landing lights and cabin lights for China's maritime business ships. This testifies to the excellent performance and reliability of NANHUA products.

Offshore Platform

Offshore Platform image

Offshore platforms are generally for well drilling, and oil extraction, which feature transportation requirements, observation and, navigation operations and other actions at sea.

In order to protect the operation of helicopter landing systems, potential safety hazards caused by ineffective warning lights must be avoided. The latest CAP437 standard requests all helicopter take off and landing platforms on offshore platform and ships must install H light systems. NANHUA has focused on the development of aviation warning lamps, which meet or exceed both domestic and international standards. Thus, our customers can have total confidence in NANHUA offshore platform systems.

Petrochemical Chemical

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The petrochemical industry is a dangerous industry involving high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, fires and potential explosions due to corrosion or leaks.

NANHUA specially designed explosion-proof area cast lights and area illumination lamps for hazardous areas such as petrochemical and chemical industry sites. The products can be safely used in explosion-proof 1 and 2 zones and have Chinese explosion-proof certification, IEC certification and EU ATEX certification. Compared with traditional lamps, the professional lighting effect dispose light can save 70% energy, and provide customers with safer and more economical green lighting.

Marine lighting

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NANHUA marine lamps and lanterns are the first class of LED ship lighting lamps approved by the China classification society. The product can be used in high salt spray corrosion areas for extended periods through the strict compliance with the designated country testing standards. The maintenance features of our products greatly reduces the maintenance cost to the customers, and stability characteristics enables NANHUA products to be widely used in China's scientific research ships, salvage ships, wind power installation ships and other ships.

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