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Located in Shanghai, Nanhua electronics Co., Ltd. is an independent organization with modern management. In-house design and manufacturing insure us to supply world leading Signal, Lighting and Control system for industrial, marine and hazardous area applications.

Every day, thousands of times a day, in locations all around the world, products from Nanhua Electronics are used to solve challenging problems and achieve safety goals. We’re proud of that fact.

Founded in 1990, Nanhua Electronics began as a small engineering workshop known for solving problems. Customers came to us for smart, well-built products, custom solutions, and personal, attentive service. With each success we increased our technical capabilities and manufacturing capacities, grew in staff and industry expertise, strengthened our relationships with customers and partners, and expanded our reach throughout the whole China and the world.

From the very beginning, we have been committed to developing new and innovative solutions, delivering products of the highest quality, fulfilling the needs of each customer, and operating with honesty and integrity. These commitments continue to guide us and define us as a company.

Today, Nanhua Electronics is a globally recognized leader in the field of port industry, wind energy and hazardous area. Our signal, lighting and control products are used by companies large and small.

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We think and focus the safety of industrial people, and we love working on it. This is why
each and every day our dedicated employees work to keep Nanhua Electronics promise,
make Nanhua Electronics trusted.

We always focus on people who work in hazardous environments.This is also the reason why we work hard every day and win trust from our customers.


Nanhua History

Your trust long-term partners.

For over 25 years, we have stand for the best Signaling and Lighting supplier. Nanhua Electronics, our name stands for Competence, Reliability and Service. That has been the case since 1990.

Over 25 years ago, our focus was already on Safety, we made warning devices BC-8 for all banks in Shanghai and cranes to protect their business. Today, we support customers around the world with our products and solutions in the area of industrial signal, lighting and control system.

Our company's most important milestones at a glance.

at 1990

The founder started to design sound and light alarms for two companies in the form of work in a family workshop.

In 1994, 5 employees and 20 customers

Nanhua Electromechanical Registration, focusing on the port industry, Acousto-optical alarms used in the harsh environment of design and production have been recognized by users, and went with the port machinery to the seaports around the world. After 10 years Nanhua sound and light alarm installed in the global port It has exceeded 80%.

In 1999, there were 15 employees and 100 customers.

The user industry has expanded to metallurgy, and the BC-2 high-powered shouting alarm designed and manufactured has been recognized by customers and users with its good quality and high availability. Nanhua Electromechanical is responsible for the quality of products in the end the work attitude in the industry within the population.

In 2003, there were 45 employees and 430 customers

Persist in excavating the industry demand, Nanhua mechanical and electrical technicians accumulated a long period of experience in the industry, to be able to continuously improve the product technology and quality, design range extended to high-power amplified equipment, LED warning lights. The establishment of the company's website:, began to shape the corporate image.

In 2005, 80 employees and 1,500 customers

From focusing on the industry to focusing on the functions and development of the product itself, the R&D NHT broadcast telephone system has been successfully applied and has rapidly replaced the US industry's products in related domestic fields. Start the company's ERP construction and start the promotion of the company's website. Through the efficient operation of the product quickly to the market, get more users affirmed.

In 2006, 100 employees and 2,000 customers

Initiate international business, absorb more extensive culture, and expand R&D team. The company's informatization construction has achieved a phased success. The ERP system has greatly improved the efficiency of the company. Within 3 seconds, all ordering information of any user can be retrieved, and sales personnel can provide technical personnel with the most suitable solutions. In cooperation with Reliance Group, India’s largest company, 15,000 India Telecom towers were lighted with aviation obstruction lights.

In 2007, there were 120 employees and 2,400 customers

The rapid development of R & D capabilities, product range extended to cable digital radio and telephone systems, wireless alarm system. The company's quality supervision system has gradually approached the most advanced level in the world, and the original intention of being responsible for product quality has not been changed. Replaced the United States with its competitors in the industry and the British Delta Corporation signed an agency agreement to achieve a broader living space in the European market. The domain name was updated to and the nanhua brand building was launched.

In 2008, there were 146 employees and 3,285 customers

In the context of the overall economic downturn, the sales revenue will continue to grow by 30%.

In June, the six-day work schedule was suspended for 19 years;

In July, the technical department was divided into four technical groups according to the product line, and a clear and specialized management was conducted.

In August, the supply chain department was established to merge procurement, storage, transportation and material planning into one department for management;

In October, an international business department was officially established with a staffing of 3 people;

On October 6th, the management federation that represented the overall interests of Nanhua Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. was established and established the mode that Nanhua Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. jointly managed by the general manager and the management federation.

On November 28th, it moved into Building 9 No. 1755, Yubei Road with better production and office conditions;

From the beginning of the construction of the management team in 2005 to the end of 2008, the initial emergence of the new, faced with changes in the overall external economic environment, the new management team has been recognized by customers, employees, and shareholders with hard work.

In 2009, there were 170 employees and 4,830 customers. The sales revenue was RMB 28,069,429.

Annual sales revenue declined by 16.7%, and the increase in the number of employees led to higher operating expenses, exceeding shareholders' expectations, leaving the management team anxious;

In March, it was discovered that some products began to be plagiarized. The management team and employees were very helpless. They rethought themselves and gradually implemented the installation and use of genuine software in the company, respecting the interests of others.

In June and December, they accepted the inspections of ZTE twice and failed to formally pass. Many problems were discovered from the perspective of customers and they were looking forward to the next inspection.

In August, the new financial manager took office and set up a new financial department with five people. Completion of the long-term financial history of Nanhua Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

In September, five sales departments began to conduct democratic management through joint meetings to solve the problem of cooperation between sales departments;

In October, accepting the inspection of Alstom and successfully passed, it is an honor to become its supplier;

In November, the manager of the new quality inspection department came to work, expecting the greatest improvement in continuous quality issues;

In December, the Ministry of Marketing was formally established and four members were drawn up. The members are very young and their work is very complicated;

At the end of December, Hainan Huaji Power Plant was officially registered as Shanghai Nanhua Electrical Co., Ltd. after operating for 20 years.

At the end of 2009, it still adhered to the overall plan of 1 year ago. Quality control, product R&D and other positions are still recruiting people, and they have good expectations for 2010. Young employees who have been employed for the past three years have been married and have children in 2009. Nanhua Electromechanics had a very happy year in a bad year.

In 2010, there were 210 employees and 5,100 customers. The sales revenue was RMB 40,826,181.

In January, the management federation reached a consensus with the shareholders. As a dividend, Nanhua Electrical and Mechanical employees will share 10% of the company's net profit;

In March, Nanhua Electromechanical Co., Ltd. began its qualification assessment and made the second assessment in April, and dismissed some of the personnel accordingly.

Sales in the first quarter surpassed any previous years, and management costs rose as much as they did. At the same time, staff turnover increased;

On April 1st, it received a notice from ZTE, and Nanhua Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. became a qualified supplier of ZTE. This day coincided with the April Fool's Day in the West.

In May, at the management meeting, some work that tracked five months has resulted in positive results;

In June, shareholders increased their capital, Nanhua Electromechanical registered capital increased to 5 million;

In July, the application for import and export rights was approved, and Nanhua Electromechanical will self-import and export;

In August, received orders from wind power manufacturers, wind power industry investment returns; in the same month semi-annual employees paid dividends;

In September, after-sales problems caused by quality problems were highlighted this month, and the problem focused on the research and development of digital circuits.

In October, through the initial inspection of Japan’s Mitsui Group, sales orders reached 5.33 million this month, and Nanhua’s highest single-month orders for orders were generated.

In November, Nanhua Electromechanical participated in the Bauma show. The problem of management coordination within the organization began to intensify this month, and fierce disputes occurred in the conference room every day.

In December, the organization began to implement the "Manager Survey" to allow employees to participate in the evaluation of managers, and began to step up efforts to promote software copyrighting that month.

In 2011, there were 235 employees and sales revenue was RMB 60,062,468.

In January, recruiting R&D personnel, a total of 6 new colleagues joined the Ministry of Technology at the end of March to adjust the supplier structure and the staffing of the purchasing department in the same period;

In February, after adjusting the salary of workers after the Spring Festival, the minimum wage of Nanhua Electromechanical was set at 1,300 yuan, quickly solving the problem of recruitment shortage, and the introduction of an external audit company to audit the financial work during the same period;

In March, the most serious work injury occurred since the establishment of the company. The first section of two fitters in the gold processing workshop was sheared by the shears, the bone was damaged, and the other two fingers were slightly injured. In the same period, Nanhua Electrical started To adjust the salary system, hoping to reflect a more optimized and fairer compensation system;

First-quarter sales increased by 81.32% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2010.

In April, the formulation of the "Departmental Performance Appraisal System" was completed, with sales of 6.3 million in the same month, creating a single monthly sales record;

In May, personnel and workshop management made a second adjustment to workers' salaries. Some workers re-raised their salaries and began contacting ERP software companies in the same month.

In June, they signed a contract with ERP software company Kingdee and hoped that they would help to improve the internal management of Nanhua Electronics. In the same month, they cooperated with a law firm and began to resort to legal resolutions for breach of employee and patent infringement.

Second-quarter sales increased by 76% year-on-year in the second quarter of 2010; cash days in the quarter were 68 days.

In July, there was a problem with the product gluing process, which led to batch rework, and the quality of digital telephones in the same month became the biggest focus of Nanhua Electrical.

In August, the ERP project was launched. Nanhua Electrical and Mechanical participated in the Brazilian M&T exhibition. In the same month, Nanhua Electromechanical began to develop a more prudent product R&D. In the same month, sales reached a record monthly sales of 7.05 million.

In September, the external financial audit company conducted a second quarter audit of Nanhua Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. Their help was more and more obvious. In the same month, the managers conducted a survey. The Ministry of Personnel conducted investigations based on feedback from employees and removed the positions of the two managers.

The third-quarter sales increased by 63.47% year-on-year in the third quarter of 2010. In July, the two pregnant female colleagues grew up in size and they brought more life to the office.

In October, the quality problems of the DT digital telephones and the supply of chips used at the same time caused the customer complaints and delivery delays to plague the entire company, which was resolved in mid-November. This month, customers received acceptance bills in succession to Nanhua Electromechanical. The cash flow caused troubles, and it also increased the difficulty of sales assessment;

In November, sales began to decline. In the same month, the sales department reformed and formally established the separation of product sales and industry sales. In the same month, the four R&D departments of the original R&D department were split into four R&D departments to increase R&D direction. Management freedom and independence;

In December, the economy and industry background continued to decline. This month, the new version of the South China Electrical and Mechanical Engineering anemometer was launched. The second-generation ERP system went live. In the same month, Nanhua Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. became a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. The training and institutionalization of Nanhua Electromechanical staff continued. Advancing, software legalization continues to advance;

Sales in the fourth quarter increased 13.16% from the fourth quarter of 2010.

In 2012, there were 228 employees and sales revenue was RMB 57,044,395

In January, sales performance declined, and related industries showed pessimistic expectations for the year ahead, with losses occurring in the month;

In February, employees e-mailed to discuss the issue of unhappiness in their work, causing controversy so far, although the company's performance is hard but clumsy, there is a lot of room for improvement in the improvement of job well-being;

In March, through design, R&D, and procurement compression costs, some products achieved price reductions, and data analysis in the first quarter confirmed that gross margin contributed by the overall sales of price-reduced products increased;

First-quarter sales of RMB 9,168,763 were down 13.7% from the first quarter of 2011 and administrative expenses were up 33.49%.

In April, the company set the minimum wage for production workers at 1,500 yuan, and bank acceptance bills received from the first quarter of the same month in the same month caused difficulties for Nanhua Electrical and Mechanical's cash flow;

In May, tracking and analysis of the details of the marine sales department and wind power sales department, and continued to increase investment in product sales, the cash flow in the same month is operating normally;

In June, the Marine Sales Division was cancelled and the original staff was merged into the Coast Sales Division. Problems in the research and development of digital telephones are gradually exposed during on-site use. Nanhua Electromechanical has invested a large amount of labor to carry out maintenance and rectification at each customer site. Overall sales began to rise;

In July, three aviation lights obtained the production license of the National Civil Aviation Administration. The managers of the second quarter have completed the assessment, and the direction of product R&D has become the most important issue of Nanhua Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd.;

In August, the adjustment to the sales team was effective this month, and the definition of cooperation and division of labor in the industry sales and product sales was clear. The issue of digital telephones has been completely cleaned up and improved. In the same month, the telephone passed the certification of the largest port machinery manufacturer and became the core supplier.

September, a managerial survey was conducted to exempt one manager. The annual salary increase this month, 30% of employees pay adjustment, supplier management has gradually become hard work. In the same month, the administrative expenses dropped to 20%, close to the level of the same period in 2011, and the overall operating efficiency of the company has improved.

In October, after the internal and external audits of the system, issues such as warehouse management and inspection of semi-finished products were submitted. More than 80 employees from the organization's internal operations participated in outreach training and tried more methods for team building. In the same month, sales personnel and market personnel began product training and asked for professional sales and professional services.

In November, the sales amount reached 7 million and the export business began to steadily pick up. Careful and meticulous payment management ensures the capital filling. The professional training for sales and marketing personnel continues to advance, and a clear training and assessment system has been formed.

In December, several foreign colleagues who came to work in Shanghai returned to their hometowns due to geographical considerations. The resignation due to this cause has increased year by year. The performance of Nanhua Electromechanical Co., Ltd. saw a significant increase at the end of the year, with similar signs in both the industry and suppliers.

In 2013, there were 283 employees and sales revenue was RMB 74,180,000

In January, three product-based sales teams were formally put into operation, and the performance evaluation system of the sales team was gradually refined to emphasize the specialization of sales work.

In February, accumulated sales increased by 40% from the same period of last year. According to the company's plan, the R&D structure was adjusted. The original sirens R&D team merged with the aviation warning light team to establish a warning light R&D team. In the same month, continued discussion of product and company positioning;

In March, sales orders increased rapidly and there was a bottleneck at the production site and warehouse. The sales amount for the month was RMB 6.13 million;

In April, sales orders reached 8.69 million in the month, setting a record high. The three R&D teams clearly define the focus of R&D planning and department work;

In May, the salesperson’s qualification assessment and remuneration system was gradually improved during the implementation process, and the sales career path of the salesperson was clearly defined as two paths of business and business management. Among the four sales departments that were expanded at the beginning of the year, international sales were two. Outstanding performance;

In June, the managerial team of the production department was adjusted according to the results of the managerial questionnaire survey. Increased investment in experimental instruments, purchase of large-scale integrating spheres and sand and dust test cases, and the first-half performance increased by 40.27% compared to the same period of last year. ;

In July, there were major quality accidents in industrial lighting fixtures. A total recall and replacement of 15,000 lamps and lanterns caused a great impact on the company's normal production and operation. The quality accident highlighted the potential hidden dangers of Nanhua Electromechanical in the implementation of the ISO system;

In August, sales reached 9.5 million in the month, and the record high temperature unexpectedly met. The whole company sent Haagen-Dazs to celebrate. The new office of the R&D team was renovated and the office space of Nanhua was expanded to 1,300 square meters. Optical and electrical labs to pave the way for bigger goals;

In September, the strict internal review of the ISO system was started, and the standardized management of sales documents was strengthened. The non-labeling of the production process led to the failure of quality accidents to trace again;

In October, the sales orders were 5.04 million. The trend in the fourth quarter was stable. Each sales department completed mid-to-long-term planning and defined the market direction.

In November, the Industrial Lighting Division was established to further expand the market for industrial lighting. At the same time, a after-sales service team was set up to strengthen after-sales customer service. Nanhua Electromechanical obtained the explosion-proof certificate, and the external review of the ISO system ended and the audit result was passed. External financial company begins internal audit of the company;

In December, sales orders were 8.47 million, and annual sales performance was good. The first explosion-proof product is tested by IEC. The annual sales of industrial lamps accounted for more than 27%, and the positioning of products and companies became increasingly clear.

In 2014, there were 303 employees and sales revenue was RMB 131,421,166

In January, the prosperity of orders before the Chinese New Year holiday and the demand for inventory accumulation at the beginning of the year caused great pressure on the production line and warehousing. The external financial review proposed rectification suggestions for the company's financial regulations and systems.

February, orders were reduced in the first month of the festival, but the year-on-year growth rate was quite similar. The disadvantages of the company's internal production, material control, and warehousing became increasingly apparent. The organizational structure was formally adjusted. Meanwhile, the management team (EMT) was established and shouldered the company’s operational management tasks. ;

In March, the explosion-proof certification audit passed, and the company's internal processes and details of the management and control tasks are urgent. The new management model is stirring up.

In April, monthly sales orders continued to grow steadily, and year-on-year profits did not increase as sales, and the company continued to be in dire straits;

In May, the "General Manager Mailbox" was launched to listen to different voices; Building 19 was officially put into operation on May 19th and the overall production of industrial lighting product lines was relocated to Production Workshop 19;

In June, orders continued to grow rapidly. Ferrero sent colleagues to the company, withdrew the anemometer products division, retained product managers, and merged lighting sales with the first and second divisions. Companies in change and progress will gradually develop new styles and trends;

In July, as the orders grew at a high rate, they did not like to worry about the increase in material production problems. At the same time, the warehouses sold a large number of goods and failed to ship. In the same month, the company handled the Everbright Bank Cards for employees and the fees were reduced. ;

In August, the on-site after-sales work in Singapore was carried out in an all-round way, reflecting Nanhua’s responsible attitude;

In September, orders were set to record 14.3 million yuan, the supply chain returned to normal, and the company’s performance improved in the quarter but cash flow was tight;

In October, the company accelerated the progress and cooperation of UL and other international certifications to maintain the professional and international quality requirements of Nanhua products for the industrial sector. The general manager mailbox continues to run, and all colleagues continue to work hard to improve company management and employee identification.

In November, the volume of product shipments soared to more than 14 million, and the increase in production capacity guaranteed the delivery rate. The company organized the marketing center “Desert Denver” to expand its training and the entire marketing team was further improved;

In December, more than 18 million deposits were issued to record a record high. In order to ensure product delivery and quality, the company introduced the most advanced automated placement machine. The company began a strict annual budget execution review.

In 2015, there were 281 employees and sales revenue was RMB 158,317,580.

In January, according to the company's product line requirements, the R&D center system was adjusted accordingly, and the adjusted R&D center was able to better integrate with the market, improving the R&D efficiency and ensuring that the company's product industry leading ideas were protected;


In February, the company adjusted the “Nanhua Performance Appraisal System” and focused on motivating outstanding employees so that they could do their best to objectively and rationally organize the members of the organization to mobilize their work enthusiasm and improve their work performance.


In March, Nanhua's production capacity was tested again. In order to ensure quality, the delivery time of some orders could not be guaranteed. The company canceled dividends and colleagues in various departments had heated discussions;

In April, orders continued to grow rapidly. The company organizes employees to travel to Damingshan, Tianmuhu, Huangshan and Putuoshan in batches;

In May, to cope with the ever-increasing logistics costs, the company set up special personnel to fight for a 10% reduction in transportation costs. After the successful completion of Singapore's port sales, Nanhua’s high-quality after-sales service has been highly recognized by customers and has identified new procurement contracts.

In June, some product lines need to be re-integrated to meet new market demands. Due to the increase in business volume, the company has updated its office equipment to improve office efficiency.

In 2016, there were 270 employees and sales revenue was RMB 142,398,713.

In January, the 25th anniversary event was held at Shanghai Nanxiang Holiday Hotel. Mr. Lu Yang, the general manager, shared his dream with the topic of the future. The atmosphere of the event was intense, and WeChat shaking the red envelope became the most powerful program. The “Nanhua family” was the most warmhearted and was well received;

In February, the People's Republic of China civil aviation industry standard MH/T 6012-2015 "Aviation Obstruction Light" was published by Nanhua Electrical. Introduce a high-speed placement machine from Japan and add a fully-automatic coating facility to transform the electronic warehouse to ensure constant temperature and humidity;

In March, formally signed a strategic agreement with Singapore PSA Singapore, from the terminal lighting, signal security to the port communications to provide a complete solution for Singapore's terminal operations;

In April, the SAP of the ERP system was formally launched, and the production and operation departments entered a busy state in advance. The workload of the configuration BOM was huge during the process of transformation. All departments and SAP implementation personnel worked overtime day and night, the midway business stagnated for one week, and product delivery was postponed. End and handle customer complaints;

In May, organize employees to travel, relax and regain their strength and accept more challenges.

In June, Nanhua Machinery and Maersk signed a framework agreement to provide signaling and lighting products and related services for Maersk's port machinery around the world;

In July, a large-scale electric vibration test system introduced from the Soviet trial test was put into use, with a sinusoidal thrust of 9.8 kN, a maximum acceleration of 980 m/s2, a maximum displacement of 51 mmp.p, and an eccentricity moment of 300 Nm, which could satisfy a vibration test of up to 30 g;< /p>

In August, the products were successively recognized by CCS classification societies, LM40 aviation obstruction lights obtained ICAO certification, LP3 obtained explosion-proof certification, and more products were submitted for UL certification to enter the US market;

In September, at WindEnergy Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany, offshore wind power has become the focus of future development. Nanhua Electromechanical and Orga, Harting, Vestas and other technology leaders have discussed the technical difficulties faced by offshore wind power;

On October 23rd, Shanghai Nanhua Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. participated in the fourth session of the Shanghai Lifting Machinery Industry Association. Nanhua Mechanical & Electrical was elected as a member of the board of directors and General Manager Lu Yang was appointed as a member. Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. was elected as the president. Unit, President Huang Qingfeng as President;

November, through DNV.GL audit, obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, the world's leading level of high-strength aviation obstruction lights to solve the many technical difficulties into the closed state, in the January 2017 market launch; p>

In December, Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd. granted the 2016 AAAAA Supplier Award to Nanhua Machinery and Electronic Equipment. Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd. operates in China and overseas markets and is an international leading manufacturer of wind turbines.

In 2017, the company employs 260 people and its sales revenue is RMB 155,007,829.

In January, the new products LF70H LED pole lights, LR07 spreader lights, LW20 Blue work lights were released, and Nanhua signal and lighting products added three new stars;

In February, Nanhua Electrical and Mechanical Technology became the 5A supplier for Goldwind 2016, which complied with the wind power industry standard and was recognized by Goldwind's custom aviation obstacle light series products;

In March, Nanhua Mechanical & Electrical won the 2016 Advanced Manufacturing - Technology Innovation Award in Jiading District, Shanghai, and Mr. Lu Yang, the general manager of Nanhua Electrical & Mechanical Co., Ltd., was named the outstanding operator;

In April, Nanhua Electromechanical ranked 13th in the analysis report of the leading manufacturer of global aviation obstruction lights from the third-party professional market research organization dailyhover, and we made another step toward the world goal.

In May, signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai's largest law firm;

In June, Nanhua Mechanical & Electrical won the title of “Little Giant Enterprise” in Jiading District of Shanghai again and gained recognition and support from the government on the road to becoming a competitive enterprise with domestic and foreign industries.

In July, the No. 701 Institute of China Salvage and Salvage Bureau & China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (China Shipbuilding Research & Design Center) visited Nanhua to visit and guide marine lighting fixtures of our company's 5,000-ton lifting vessel (floating crane). , signal warnings, and helipad landing aid systems to negotiate;

In August, the contract was signed with the Australian mining agents and both sides conducted comprehensive cooperation for the Australian mining industry. New LW15 LED work lights and ABC3Pro industrial traffic lights were released, adding more smart and refined products to the industry;

In October, Nanhua Electromechanical Access Control System FS01 debuted at the China Hong Kong-China Container Branch. FS01 is a new security management program applied to ports, docks, machinery and equipment, metallurgy and chemical industries;

In November, the ice melting anemometer was successfully developed to challenge extreme environments such as extreme cold and sandstorms, conveying high-precision wind speed measurement data. This month's sales reached 22.16 million yuan, a record high, the company's performance is booming, sweet Toblerone chocolate celebrated for the sales department;

In December, Nanhua Machinery and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. became the outstanding supplier of Goldwind Technology 2017 with high quality products and timely supply capacity, and won a bonus of RMB 30,000.

In 2018, the company employs 311 people and its sales revenue is RMB 176,000,000.

In January,The new marketing manager and customer service supervisor took office to provide customers with enthusiastic sales and after-sales service. The sales department were adjusted.The anemometer department with mature products was been expanded and two new departments were be established including the industrial communication department and the offshore platform department.

In February,As China's lunar New Year holiday in Feb,suppliers had a long vacation ahead of time,besides some big customers returned production much earlier,the production pressure of domestic and foreign had increased. On the beginning of lunar New Year , General Manager Lu Yang announced the future plans, Nanhua would expand industry fields to the marine and railway.

In March,The economical walkway light LW46E and the economical Vestas special non-isolated tower bar light were launched. Meanwhile a new style official website was also launched which would display NANHUA high level product and industry applications.

In April, there was a shortage of materials, which caused the delay of major customer orders. We increased the efforts to track materials. At the end of the month, the company organized a trip for all members to go to Ningguo to experience the spring, and find the joy of childhood in Disney.

In May,Exhibited NANHUA aviation obstruction lights, beacon lights, LED flood lights at the world's largest annual airport exhibition in Dubai.

In June,The PLM is ready to go online, and the CRM system is also put into use. The company's purchasing department and the planning department continue to communicate in depth and coordinate the delivery time to ensure that the products are delivered as soon as possible. In summer, typhoons are frequent, causing some bridge cranes in the port to collapse due to typhoons. NANHUA adopts emergency distribution, and the reliability of product quality has become the standard configuration of domestic port machinery anemometers.

In July,The wireless anemometer solution has been released and applied in port machinery projects, adding a variety of alternative solutions for customers. Demonstrate NANHUA's R&D and production capabilities for visiting leaders from SANY and MAERSK. In order to ensure that products meet international standards, APQP4Wind wind certification was put on the agenda by NANHUA

In August,The brand-new English official website was launched to showcase high-quality Nanhua brands for international customers. The sales center team organizes tours, and young partners relax in Tongli and start a new season of hard work.

In September,Bloomberg Mile is a marathon relay race that promotes teamwork, and the NANHUA team continues to surpass itself with the tenth place. From September 25th to 28th, the wind power exhibition in Hamburg, Germany kicked off. NANHUA Aviation's obstruction lights and LED work lights are aimed at international customers with more stable performance. Due to customer complaints caused by the sales authorization letter, NANHUA began to implement a strict authorization letter system.

In October,Meet again with the Beijing International Wind Energy Conference. New products LF22 and LF30K floodlights were released.

In November,Participated in WPC and exhibited Nanhua helicopter platform lights and explosion-proof lights. Participate in bauma CHINA to demonstrate the application of Nanhua's acousto-optic signal and lighting products in construction machinery.

In December,It is our honor and our responsibility to participate in the International Standard Seminar on "Wind Turbine Aviation Obstruction Marking and Lighting" and contribute to the formulation of international wind power industry standards!

In 2019, the company employs 320 people and its sales revenue is RMB 247,949,552.02.

In January,After several months of research and study,NANHUA finally successfully passed the acceptance of Vestas, which is the first APQP4Wind process completed by NANHUA..

In February,Flood light LF46 and Linear Light LW34 with high reliability have been released, NANHUA brings more lighting solutions to customers..

In March,Nanhua Electromechanical (Taicang) Co., Ltd. held a plant construction commencement ceremony, marking the official launch of Nanhua Electromechanical's manufacturing base.

In April,NANHUA first self-developed FAR ultrasonic wind sensor was launched.  In the same month, the Nansha Bridge was opened, and NANHUA's aviation obstruction lights also lit up the safety line at the top of the Nansha Bridge.

In May,NANHUA made its debut at the 2019 China (Changsha) International Construction Equipment Exhi. The theme of the exhibition "Intelligent New Generation of Construction Machinery" is also the direction of NANHUA's efforts.

In June,A mandatory national standard for lamps and lanterns, GB 37478-2019 "Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Levels of LED Lamps for Road and Tunnel Lighting", which NANHUA participated in, was officially approved and released. This standard will be enforced on May 1, 2020..

In July,NANHUA joined the IALA International Navigation Aid Association, representing that the quality of NANHUA's beacon light products has been recognized by the international market.

In August,NANHUA held a celebration banquet. Because of NANHUA's persistence and dedication, NANHUA achieved today's excellent results. In the summer evening, the cruise ship on the Huangpu River was filled with laughter and laughter of Nanhua's celebration.

In September,The new Audible Visual Alarm AL120 is released, which continues the high quality and adds new functions. The new appearance carries 7 kinds of luminous colors, occupying the "C position" of Nanhua alarm products.

In October,NANHUA held a product knowledge contest for the sales department, which set off an upsurge of sales personnel's speeches and mobilized the enthusiasm of the sales personnel. The introduced interns also injected fresh blood into the sales team. In the same month, a number of non-conformities were identified in each department during the internal quality audit. Each department conducted a self-examination, conducted root cause analysis, and proposed rectification measures to make NANHUA better.

In November,NANHUA made its debut at the Shanghai International Rail Transit Exhibition, handing over an answer sheet for NANHUA's safety signal solution for the rail transit industry. In the near future, NANHUA products will be seen in the rail transit industry.

In December,The new wind power module light WPM is released. The concept of modularity is firstly applied to Nanhua Electromechanical strip light products, and the more advanced design can bring better lighting to the inside of the wind turbine tower and the nacelle.

In 2020, the company employs 280 people and its sales revenue is RMB 237,485,885.61.

In January, the customer service department was established to carry out order standardized management by working together with ERP system. The email system was upgraded to Tencent EXMAIL which can direct to access to Wecom. In the same month, new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Shanghai.

In February, the epidemic was spread, NANHUA extended the holidays and employees work from home. On February 14th, the application of getting back to work was approved, the first batch 26 employee could get back to work in the company. Till the end of this month, total 117 employees got back to work and production capacity was resumed 30%.

In March, KPMG completed the financial audit and issued the audit report. Due to the impact of the epidemic, NANHUA faced products delivery problems which caused by lack of workers and cash flow difficulty. All employees work together with company to overcome the challenge. In the same month, NANHUA won the title of AAAAA Supplier Award for four consecutive years and Long-term Cooperation Award from GOLDWIND.

In April, NANHUA Electronics related trademarks were included on the second batch of key trademark protection lists of Jiading District, Shanghai. In the same month, NANHUA was awarded the high mast lights supply projects of Xiamen Airport and Fuzhou Airport. This is the new airport contract awarding after lighting retrofitting project of Hefei Airport in 2019.

In May, NANHUA signed the strategic framework agreement with MOONS', cooperated to develop intelligent control drive system. NANHUA launched new series high-power audible and visible alarm AL120 and modular LED linear lights WPM series in the same month.

In June, NANHUA launched DT80 series VOIP paging and intercom system. And NANHUA passed the factory audit by SANY Heavy Energy, a subsidiary of SANY Group.

In July, NANHUA held second sales person speech competition, which lasted for two months and fully displayed the professional style of salesmen. In this hot summer, GOLDWIND delivered cool Xinjiang cantaloupe to us.

In August, the construction and decoration of NANHUA Electronics Taicang factory were completed, and carried out the acceptance of fire protection system. Production orders continue to rise, HR&Admin department provide Haagen Dazs ice cream for all staff. In the same month, NANHUA won the Aviation obstruction lights project of 500kV transmission and transformation of Shanxi Electric power, a State Grid company.

In September, NANHUA signed a framework agreement with Wistron to build intelligent factory, started intelligent construction of NANHUA Taicang factory. NANHUA set up a independent After-sales service department in the same month, which comprehensively improve the after-sales service quality. NANHUA started to supply products to XCMG in bulk.

In October, NANHUA attend New International China Wind Power in Beijing.

In November, NANHUA attend Bauma China 2020. Production orders continue to increase, company got heavy task of products delivery.

In December, NANHUA launched new product AL115 series tower signal lights. The productions orders reached the maximum production capacity of NANHUA Shanghai company, supply chain and production department were facing great challenges.

In 2021, the company employs 230 people and its sales revenue is RMB 280,078,960.

In January,Due to the COVID-19, our company held an online annual party to celebrate the new year with Nanhua people. Establish rail transit sales department and access control system R&D department to explore more market applications. Appoint a new manager of IT department Confront with a sharp increase on the price of raw materials and short supply of electrical components.

In March,Due to the relocation of the warehouse and part of the production line, there were delivery problems, which could not be solved in the short term. The sales center received complaintsfrom zhenhua Heavy Industry, Goldwind Technology and other customers, and the pressureincreased sharply. Release multi-layer signal tower lamp AL115 series.

In February,High-intensity aviation obstruction light shines Shenyang Baoneng Global Building. During the Lunar New Year, organize colleagues who did not go home for the festival to relocate the warehouse to the Taicang factory. Quality problem of new LED flood light suddenly happens, allocate all of the resources to deal with.

In April,Prices of electronic components are rising rapidly, delivery times continue to extend, and more and more orders are beginning to be delayed. Appoint new purchasing manager to improve material delivery level.

In May,Taicang factory fully put into production, the delivery pressure reached the peak. Release LW1 series of working lamp products.

In June,Adjust taicang factory process layout and process route. Release mechanical melting ice type wind speed and direction sensor.

In July,Promote engineering team work. Conduct ISO9001:2015 quality system audit.

In August,The Taicang laboratory introduces a 70m/s wind tunnel and officially put into use to speed up the research and development and production calibration of ultrasonic wind direction and wind speed sensors. Production efficiency gradually improves, production capacity is released, and order delivery pressure begins to ease. Start the cooperation with CIMC Group.

In September,Appoint an engineer was to an Israeli port to commission the FS Gateright® access control system. Aviation obstruction light products are used in Haikou Meilan Airport and Sanya Phoenix International Airport. The server was paralyzed by a hacker attack, and the business was interrupted. All information data in May was manually restored.

In October,Customers and institutions like Goldwind, GE Energy, Sany and UL successively conduct factory audits in Taicang. The Shanghai office building begins to be renovated as a whole, focusing on creating a working environment suitable for the sales center and R&D center. Participate in CHINA WIND POWER 2021 International Wind Energy Conference.

In November,The third-generation ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor comes into the final stage. Apply for product registration trademark Lulibon®. Comprehensively study the quality management system, organize internal auditor training, and improve quality awareness. Heads of Purchasing Department and Engineering Technology Department participate in APQP4WIND expert training.

In December,Department managers report their work, summarize and evaluate themselves for this year. Medium light intensity aviation obstacle light has officially obtained FAA certification. Colleagues working abroad in Israel returned to work safely after a difficult time.

Numbers of Nanhua Electronics

Continuous and steady growth based on our own strength is our maxim for the further development of our company. This is why we are constantly working on expanding our range of services as well as production capacities.

Through the expansion of existing sites and establishment of additional country subsidiaries and locations, we are strengthening our local presence worldwide. Our goal is to be even closer to our customers around the globe in the future and to be able to serve them even better and faster.

Our employees from the whole China, their performance and competence are our company´s true capital. Their high motivation and special Safety spirit, strong customer-oriented approach and their daily focus on actual customer requirements are the elements that has made us so successful since NANHUA Electronics was founded.

* NANHUA constantly invests excellent human resources in product research and development to promote the development of technologies. Currently, it has over 30 electrical engineers, optical engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and software engineers.

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