To safeguard the safe and orderly tasks of port

Our R&D personnel have extensive experience in the salt spray corrosion, strong vibration, and sun and rain conditions of port terminals. Through consistent efforts, LED lights, wind sensors, warning signal and paging intercom systems designed and produced by NANHUA occupy 80% of the market share in the global port machinery market. Through feedback from port operators and port crane manufacturers, NANHUA has made continuous improvement to products, and the safety and efficiency of terminal operations.

We have been working with port crane manufacturers and port operators since 1990, and have worked with port crane manufacturer ZPMC more than 25 years. We are also a qualified supplier to world-renowned port crane manufacturers such as LIEBHERR, KONECRANES, KALMAR, and KUNZ. Every day, ports, container terminals and bulk cargo terminals around the world are using products and solutions from NANHUA because they can trust our quality and reliability.

Reach Stacker status indicator

Container front hanging status indicator image

The function of a reach stacker is to carry and stack containers. During operation, the twist locks on each container must be locked before handling, as containers that are not fully locked can slip, resulting in accidental equipment damage or personnel injury.

Visual warning is the simplest and most effective solution, which can ensure the safe operation of equipment and increase production efficiency. NANHUA provides high-brightness status indicator, which is clearly visible even during the day. It can instantly inform the reach stacker's operator of the twist lock status of the spreader and confirm the safe handling of the container. At the same time, this product is very robust and is ideal for outdoor indication applications.

STS crane, RMG crane anti-collision device

Tire-type gantry crane RTG bumper image

As a high-efficiency gantry crane, STS crane, RMG crane is widely used for high load lifting tasks in ports, reducing the cost of terminal operations. During operation it is critical to ensure safe movement and avoid collisions. This is why it is necessary to have an effective sensor solution to lower the risk of accidents during operation.

NANHUA laser anti-collision device provides robust obstacle detection to prevent any collisions. The AE422 laser sensor uses advanced laser technology with advantages such as high sensitivity and long distance. It uses the occurrence and reception of lasers to work, and calculates the distance from the sensor to the obstacles based on the time delays of the transmitted and returned signals to achieve obstacle detection.

Electrical cabinet lighting

Electrical cabinet lighting image

Work areas and the interior of the chassis require bright, uniform lighting for component installation, wiring, maintenance, and monitoring tasks. When the space is small and power lines cannot be reached, it is very difficult to configure and install the appropriate cabinet lighting.

NANHUA cabinet light LW103 can easily solve the installation problem and provide a long-lasting uniform lighting. With the power supply inside the cabinet, the power supply of lights can be achieved. It has a the quick power-off function and multiple lights can be connected and the cabinet can be turned on and off automatically.

Sound and light alarm for crane movement

Sound and light alarm for crane movement image

The sound and light alarms provided by NANHUA provide high-intensity output, multiple selectable alarm tones, and can customize the tone or voice content according to the needs of the site environment, adding a bright color to the heavy industry alarm system.

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