We continuously improve the level of employees’ welfare to meet the employees needs.



Beside Five social insurance and one housing fund, we also planned employer liability insurance for workers.


health examination

We pay attention to each employee’s physical and mental health, we regularly organizes health examination every year.

Leisure activities

We organize annual tourism activities, encourage activities of various associations and provide funding.

Holidays benefits

We provide holidays benefits in the holidays like mid-autumn day, dragon boat festival, women’s day and so on every year.


Paid leave

Besides the paid leave prescribed by the state, we also provide employees with paid annual leave, paid sick leave and so on.


Charity Fund

Provide emergency assistance and interest-free borrowing for employees who need help in special situations.

Working environment

We try our best to create a comfortable working environment, set Small library, coffee room, billiards, table tennis, fitness equipment for employees relax.


Employees development

NANHUA encourages all employees to continue self-growth, and provides internal and external seminars and training to help employees find a suitable development channel.


Internal training

We provide a range of internal training, from software teaching to language courses to skills seminars, and continuously optimize and expand the training according to employee feedback.


External training

Where internal training does not meet job requirements, the human resources department will evaluate and select the appropriate type of training course based on actual needs.



We organize to participate in community activities, trade shows, etc., and strive to create an interactive, open, and courageous development of the cultural environment, and everyone for a better future.

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