Make engineering machinery safer, more efficient and standardized

NANHUA Provides goods and service to Engineering machinery manufacturer since 2003, and up to now our heavy customers including KOMATSU、
Being the first company to accept EU and US standards to design the products in China, we have achieved a long term development compare with our competitors.

Longer continuous equipment operation time and lower total cost of ownership over the entire product lifecycle are the common concerns of both NANHUA and our customers.

In the heavy machinery industry, to protect the equipment and staff, we have designed and manufacture products, such as LED lights, beacon sirens, Paging intercom system, wind sensor, and others. All our products can work effectively in harsh and challenging environments and meet or exceed international performance standards.

Work Area Lighting

Construction Machinery Work area lighting image

When machinery operates at night, the existing lighting conditions (such as high pole lights, searchlights) are insufficient to meet the requirements for equipment operation. The main considerations are: the working area must have sufficient lighting to allow the operators to have a high illumination working environment; the mobile equipment needs to have light replenishment on both sides of the direction of travel to ensure safety when driving or moving. The lighting system of the device itself is required to enhance the lighting effect on the work area, and it is also necessary to consider that there might not be supplementary lighting on site.

Warning Signal for Excavator

Construction Machinery Warning signal for Excavator image

As the excavator moves, rotates, and excavates, there is usually other equipment on the site. The attention of the driver is focused on the work at hand. Because of the limitation of a person’s vision, it is difficult to identify risks and take safety measures immediately. As a result, there is the risk of equipment-to-person or equipment-to-equipment collision, causing significant losses. Being able to give a reliable warning signal is critical for excavator operators.

NANHUA AL31 audible and visible alarm device is able to reach Max 116dB, and can be connected with the excavator operating system. When the excavator is in forward, backward, rotation, and excavation work situations, different alarm tones can be automatically switched through the harness, and 5 kinds of tones can be switched.

WTL load moment indicator

Construction Machinery WTL load moment indicator image

WTL load moment indicator is an important crane safety protection device. It can monitor the load of the equipment in real time and judge it automatically, and will alarm immediately in dangerous situations. When the crane load is in different stages, it needs to give a corresponding status indication. Reliable audible and visible alarm devices can send out warning signals immediately to attract the attention of operators and surrounding personnel, effectively preventing the occurrence of accidents.

The AL07 LED multi-layer indicator can reach IK08 and IP65 and built-in optical lens, uniform light design (180 °), with high brightness output, and visual distance greater than 200m.Through our NANHUA audible and visible alarm device, the operators and surrounding personnel can warned immediately of the output if the WTL load moment indicator detects a dangerous situation.

Wind Speed Sensor for Lattice Boom Cranes and Telescopic Boom Cranes

Wind speed sensor for lattice boom cranes image

It’s important to know the real-time wind speed data when a crane is operating, so as to determine whether the equipment is in a safe working condition. Accurate wind speed data is crucial for the safety of equipment and personnel. Truss arm cranes and telescopic boom cranes will be at different angles during operation, and mechanical anemometers need to keep vertical to measure wind speed. Therefore, accurate measurement of the real-time wind speed becomes a problem on work sites.

NANHUA FA13B self-balanced wind speed sensors uses the weight of the counterweight to keep the anemometer within ±140° of its natural verticality. Other features are: Non-contact magnetic sensing method, high data accuracy, wind resistance >70m/s, wind speed range 0.5m/s~50m/s. The high reliability of the product ensures the safety of equipment and personnel.

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