Provide reliable sound and light signals for industrial sites

NANHUA’s signal warning and aviation obstruction light products can be applied in industrial settings or where hazardous environments require rigorous systems. When designing products and solutions, we took into consideration the various tests that must be and may be faced, and implemented these products with high production standards and professional testing equipment. Therefore, all of our products can be properly and reliably used in port machinery, construction machinery, wind power, energy and other industries. From "sound" to "light" to "sound-light integration," we have been working hard to develop solutions that apply to your industry and application site, and continue to challenge the creation of a safe and orderly operating environment.

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Optical signal

Through advanced professional design, modifications, and combinations, optical signals can provide a clear status indication. In the industrial environment, optical signal devices not only need to convey information clearly, but also need to maintain uninterrupted accuracy, indicating correct actions to the operator.

Whether it is aviation obstruction light, industrial display or warning light, we use high-quality LED light sources, through the design of the light angle, luminous intensity, light color and flash rate to achieve the high-efficiency optical applications, and improve the reliability of product applications with IP65 protection rating.

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Acoustic signal

Sound is a universally understood signal. This very effective method quickly prompts people to take action.In industrial venues where sound warnings are required, acoustic signals must also have clear and specific characteristics to have maximum effect and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

In the actual use demand, we provide a variety of acoustic alarms to have the port terminals, engineering machinery and other industries not effected by the noisy site environment, playing its own advantages and play an important role of coordinate work, equipment alarm and safety protection.

Acousto-optic signal

When the job site is more demanding, such as when there is high or variable noise, it is necessary to add a colored light signal to enhance the signal strength. The combination of sound and light signals is a double safety guarantee that can provide a more powerful warning.

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