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NANHUA debuts NHEA2N- Offshore Windfarm Audible&Visual Warning System

Nanhua Electronics, a leading provider of solutions for marking offshore wind farms, has today unveiled the Offshore Windfarm Audible&Visual Warning System specifically for the normal operation and navigation safety of the offshore wind industry.
Compliant with the IALA O-139 standard and Maritime Rules 22, the system incorporates marine visual alarm, marine audible alarm, AIS automatic identification, aviation warning and system controller. It issues sound, light and radio warnings to approaching vessels and flights in all directions.

Marine visual alarm

Flash synchronization of lights outlines the 5 NM wind farm and the middle calibration area of the 3 NM boundary to ensure wind farms are visible from every angle, in every weather condition.
The system can automatically adjust to achieve optimal warning effectiveness at low visibility, maintaining consistent safety measures.
5NM Marine Lantern ML50

Auto-dimming of 30% and 100% light intensity 
Flashing in Morse code every 15 secs
Flash synchronization through GPS
Visibility meter FRTVRE01

Forward scattering to measure visibility.
Double scatter receiver structure to eliminate light interference and improve detection accuracy.
Communication and power interfaces adopt double surge protection design.

Marine audible alarm

Based on SPS calibration point technology, the electric horn is activated by radar detection. When the ship enters the 1 NM warning range, the electric horn emits a high-decibel warning sound, alerting the ship of its proximity to the offshore wind field area.  The activation reference distance extends to 2 NM when sea visibility drops below the limit value.
The electric horn signal features directional transmission, allowing long-distance sound warning with reduced sound pollution.
Fog horn FGH500

Microprocessor control technology
Sound level ≥ 130dB, audible distance ≥ 1 NM
Audible warning using Morse code, compliant with the SOLAS
Radar KP1008

Compliant with the China Classification Society (CCS) regulations
Detect small targets at long distances
Complete self-test function
Modular design for easy maintenance
Fusion technique in display of AIS and ARPA


Automatic Identification System(AIS) works on the water channel within the frequency range of 156.025MHz-162.025MHz and provides position/time source, as well as COG and SOG data to vessels. The accuracy of the positioning for the system can reach 10m.

Frequency range: 156.025-162.025MHz
Default channel: CH2087/CH2088
Bandwidth: 25kHz
Output power consumption: 2W
Communication mode: CSTDMA
Receiving sensitivity: 107dBm
Compass safety distance: ≥ 1.5M
AIS host weight: 1.4kg
Data interface: RS-232x1/RS-422 x1

Aviation warning

The LM5 series installed on the top of the wind turbine are night vision goggle (NVG) compliant infrared aviation medium-intensity obstruction lights. NVG technology provides pilots with perfect visibility of the structures without causing halo-effect. To prevent confusion with maritime lanterns, the light angle is tilted by 0°~3° above the horizontal plane. The automatic increase of effective light intensity ensures visibility in harsh weather. 
Lower energy consumption can reduce operating costs for offshore wind turbines. LM5 series obstruction lights can only be activated until ADS-B aircraft enters the designated area, and remains inactivated to reduce energy consumption.
Medium-intensity obstruction light LM5

Vibration and corrosion resistant aluminum alloy housing
UV resistant PC cover
Wind load of over 240km/h
Auto switch of light status during day and night
Integrated fault alarm detection and alarm output functions
Integrated GPS to achieve flash synchronization
Integrated RS485 communication protocol
ADS-B Antenna AT100

Length: 55.5cm
Omni-directional coverage radio signal
5dB gain
N female connector with high shielding and low insertion loss
50Ω for optimal signal transfer and system performance
Compliant with the standard MIL-STD-810H
Wind load of 150-200 km/h 

Responsible person in charge:Nanhua Marketing Dept.

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