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With industrial-grade durability and high-efficiency lighting effects, NANHUA industrial LED lighting has created higher value for customers. In designing and manufacturing, we adopt advanced technology and select highest-quality components to ensure that our products conform to and adapt to the application requirements of industrial sites. We can offer clients simple and stable installation protocols and long-term maintenance-free lighting even under harsh conditions. This benefits industrial applications such as construction machinery, port machinery, and wind power to increase lighting efficiency and personal safety.

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Make light more comfortable

In a harsh industrial environment, good lighting will have a positive effect on work crews. NANHUA industry LED lighting fixtures can easily meet lighting requirements in the harsh environmental issues such as construction machinery, port machinery, wind power, etc., and improve work safety through comfortable and bright lighting.

Our lighting products have been carefully designed to evenly disperse the light to avoid over-concentration of light and reduce the area where the brightness is very different, which means that the eye fatigue rate is relieved. Combined with the appropriate light intensity and color temperature, NANHUA lighting fixtures can effectively increase comfort and energy concentration ability.

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Lighting that is simple and more reliable

With maintenance-free lighting and high-quality visual clarity, NANHUA LED lighting will reliably and efficiently help operators complete their job because of the 100.000+ hours life cycle. At the same time, under the different protection levels of IP68 and IP69, you can be assured that NANHUA lighting fixtures will provide different use values, and maximize efficiency and safety. Simple installation and usage methods allow for creation of your own dedicated lighting to increase productivity, even under the most rigorous conditions.

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