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NANHUA’s control systems will provide the required information and guarantee the accuracy and anti-interference of signal transmission in the industrial environment. Meanwhile they ensure smooth operation of other equipment and make the operation of the industrial environment safer and more efficient. NANHUA smart control systems can be continuously upgraded, and thus adapt to future developments in technology, and when needed, to integrate the NANHUA signal and lighting products to create new solutions for industrial applications.

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Emergency communications

NANHUA new generation of industrial DT digital paging intercom system is used in environments that require independent networking, complex communication environments,and that have severe interference, such as ports, power plants, chemical plants, oil drilling platforms, and railway tunnels.

NANHUA paging intercom system adopts DSP high-speed data processing technology and voice compression codec technology to solve the call quality problems caused by electromagnetic interference, environmental noise, and the length and location of lines. Digital broadcasting unit power supply and communication use a two-wire cable and non-polarity connection with the function of centralized power supply, ready-to-use, debugging-free, and no need of professional full-track service, thereby reducing both cable materials and personnel installation costs .

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Control System

NANHUA is committed to promote LED industrial lighting and signal technology in the industrial field, and the use of smart control systems which can control various situations of lighting and signal products in the industrial environment at any time, can identify and reduce potential hazards in time, and can also reduce energy consumption total cost and environmental impact.

Combining years of industrial design and production experience, NANHUA has introduced a smart control system that can customize workflows and operations according to the needs of the site, which greatly facilitates efficient management of internal work processes by managers, and can be continuously upgrade with the development needs of the industry in the future.

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