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After-sale policy

Dear users, thank you for selecting products from Shanghai Nanhua Electronics Company.

  • All Nanhua product users will enjoy services of free repair within one year after the purchase date and lifetime maintenance after sales.
  • If the following circumstances occur, the users will not enjoy the service of free repair, and the costs of the maintenance materials and working-hours will be charged. Please read following articles carefully for your own interests:
    1. Damage caused by physical reasons.
    2. Damage caused by not following the operation instructions while mounting, using and storing.
    3. Damage caused by maintaining without authorization and replacing parts without permission.
    4. Products beyond the warranty period.
    5. 5. Damage caused by force majeure and natural factors, such as lighting strike, earthquake etc.
  • Renewal Period
    1. Products beyond the warranty period will enjoy 2-month period of free repair after charged maintenance.
    2. Products under warranty period will enjoy the remaining period of free repair after charged maintenance.

After-sales service terms of aviation obstruction light:

  • 1. Two years full warranty, five years maintenance since the purchasing date.
  • 2. Since the purchasing date, full warranty from 1st year to 2nd year, free maintenance cost and material cost.
  • 3. Since the purchasing date, maintenance from 3rd year to 5th year, free maintenance charge.
  • Full warranty is not available if one of the below situations happens:
    1. Man-made damage and force majeure damage.
    2. Installation was not according to the instructions.
    3. The used specification exceeds the normal specifications in the instruction.
    4. Disassembling of the product without our permission.
    5. Damaged by the inappropriate storage (storage should be moisture proof).
    6. The products with battery should be charged periodically.
  • When a malfunction happens, please cooperate with our after-sales service staff with the detailed description of the scene and malfunction. If necessary, please provide the photos of scene and malfunction product to us so that we can offer the timely and effective service.
  • Nanhua after-sales service staff is obligated to provide the failure analysis report to the customer.
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