LW410 Series LED Light

Design for wind gerator (cabin, vessel, hub) inside lighting, and additional lighting for hazardas enviorment(waterproof, corrosion resistant, shockproof etc).


Description Parameter
Operating voltage AC100V-240V
Frequency 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Power consumption General: 14W, Emergency: 19W
LED life ≧50,000hrs
Color temperature 6000K-7000K
Color rendering index Ra72
LED luminance 100lm/W 
Lighting angle >200°
Working temperature General:-40˚C ~ +50˚C; Emergency normal temperature:-10˚C ~ +40˚C; Emergency low temperature:-30˚C ~ +40˚C
Ambient temperature -40˚C ~ +70˚C
Relative humidity 10% - 95% (no coagulation)
IP Protection IP44(with plug)(IP65 plug available)IP65(without plug)
Material Housing: PC  Base: cold rolled steel with coating

Functions & Features

  • Soft light beam
    PC grain housing makes the light beam softly, to protect eyes.
  • External long life, energy saving and environmental friendly
    The life of LED can reach more than 50,000hrs, and the light can save 50% energy than common bulb, maintenance free.
  • Integrated design, convenient for mount.
    Lamp body and junction box are combined together on a base, convenient for mount and maintenance.
  • Selectable plug, terminals and cable gland (see model selection)
    Equipped with standard 16A power plug, other type of plug can be selected as request. No. of terminals and cable gland can be customized based on request.
  • Emergency function(suitable for LY410 series)
    In case of power failure, emergency duration is more than 90mins.

Model Selection

Model LY410 LW410 LY410A LW410A LY410B LW410B
Plug function available available        
Plug model 10A plug 10A plug        
Emergency function available   available   available  
Emergency duration 90 min   90 min   90 min  
Terminals available available available available non non
Terminals no. 16 16 6 6 1 1
Cable gland no. 4 4 4 4 2 2
Weight 4.8Kg 4.6kg 4.8kg 4.6kg 3.6kg 3.5kg

Light distribution curve:

Mounting dimension(unit: mm)& Wiring Connection

Operation and installation

  • Check whether the power supply complies with rated voltage of the light.
  • Secure the light on a smooth surface which has enough strength using M10 screws.
  • Equipped with M20 cable gland, and connect the power cable and output cable through the cable gland.
  • Power cable wiring diagram see left side.
  • L1, L2, L3 could be same phase, but L2 should be continuous power supply to charge the battery. After connecting the power line insert the attached cap into the icon SW SW tank. Emergency power start working at this time, and will automatically switch to the normal state when power on.


  • Temperature rise when light working is normal phenomenon.
  • Please do not open any components inside by yourself.
  • Ni-MH battery inside the lamp is a consumable, it is recommended be replaced once a year.
  • This product is a sealed structure, please do not be tampered with anyone other than registered installer.

Production Flow Chart

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