LW15 LED Work light 

LW15 LED work light is based on mining machinery lighting technology, use high power LED light source, with long lifespan, safe operation, low maintenance cost, compact and super vibration design. It applied for the lighting system of various engineering machinery, mining machinery, heavy truck, etc.


Description Parameter
Rated voltage DC12V
- DC24V
Rated power 14W/16W/18W
Input voltage DC9V-DC14V /DC18V-DC32V
LED lifespan ?50?000h
Fixture lumens 1300 lm ~1800 lm
Beam angle 30°
Operating temperature -40?C ~ +85?C
Electrical design Integrated
Wiring method DT06-2S connector
Vibration level 30G
IP rate IP68/IP69K
Impact level 60G
Salt Spray level C5-M
IK level IK08(6.5J)
Weight 0.4kg
Humidity 10% ~ 95% RH
Material Lens: PC     Base: Aluminum alloy
EMC EN55015/CISPR 15
Mounting M8 screw bolt

Major functions and features

  • Selection of high power LED light source based on mining machinery lighting technology, it features low power consumption, long lifespan.
  • High strength structure design, aluminum body features excellent heat emission, anti oxidation and corrosion resistance ability for long term stable operation.
  • Seal structure, pass the salt spray test.
  • -45?~+45? mounting angle, with excellent lighting and wide scope of irradiation.
  • Wide range of input voltage, over-voltage protection, vehicle-class constant current drive, can be applied to complex power environment.
  • The EMC in accordance with EN 55015, do not interfere with the signals of other electronic equipment.
  • Comply with IEC61000, lightning surge: 1KV, Electrostatic discharge: 8KV.
  • The integrated design for cover and lens, the light distribute evenly.

Installation and operation

  • The fixture comes with DT04-2P connector, please use the matched DT06-2S connector when wiring.
  • Please refer to the right figure for wiring position ( wiring connection ) “ ?“ power supply connection “ +”; ”?“ power supply connection “ - &rdquo.
  • The mounting bracket of fixture is fixed with the mounting surface by the M10 screw bolts and flange nuts, the mounting surface should be flat and have sufficient mechanical strength.
  • Angle adjustment according to the actual requirements, the adjustment range of vertical beam is -45°?+45°or -90°?+90°.
  • The product is maintenance-free, pls add the fuse ( 3-5A ) at the access point of power supply.


    • The vertical beam and horizontal beam of the product are adjustable, please adjust the product to the appropriate angle and tighten the screws.
    • The cover material is PC, it can not be directly or indirectly to organic solvents, such as industrial alcohol, lacquer thinner, isopropyl alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, cyclohexanone, etc, otherwise it will affect product lifespan.
    • Make sure the accessed power supply and voltage matches the nominal voltage if the product, this product with anti-reverse connection protection.
    • High luminance output, please to avoid look direct at the light.
    • Temperature rise is a normal condition when the product is operating.

Amount pcs
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