LF21 Series LED Flood light 



Description Parameter
Operating voltage AC200V~AC240V
Power frequency 50Hz~60Hz
Power consumption LF214:135W
Power consumption LF213:120W
Power consumption LF212:70W
Power consumption LF211:50W
luminousflux Coolwhite:14000lm   Warmwhite:11000lm
luminousflux Coolwhite:12000lm   Warmwhite:10400lm
luminousflux Coolwhite:7000lm   Warmwhite:5900lm
luminousflux Coolwhite:5000lm   Warmwhite:4200lm
Color temperature Coolwhite:5500K-6000K   Warmwhite:2700K-3000K
Lifespan ≥50000hrs
PF >0.9
Lighting efficacy Coolwhite≥ 104lm/w   Warmwhite≥ 80lm/w
Beamangle 15°/25°/60° optional
CRI Coolwhite:Ra=75   Warmwhite:Ra=80
IPClass: IP65
Humidity 10%~95%(nocoagulation)
Vibration degree: 5G
Operating temperature -30˚C~+60˚C(overheat protection)
Material Body:forgingaluminumalloy   Lens:temperingglass
Saltspray ISO9227  720H
Weight LF21series:8.0Kg

Functions & Features

  • Excellentshockproofandcorrosionresistance.
  • UsingtheForgingAluminumAlloybody.
  • excellentforheatemission.
  • PerfectfortheonshoreapplicationwithIP65.
  • Adjustablemountingbracket:0-355°
  • Leadline.
  • Optional power consumption and beam angle?
  • Integrated module design with optical lens for lightdistribution.
  • Lowweightandhighstrengthstructuredesigns forwholelightfixture.
  • Withanti-dropgriddesign.
  • ReliableLEDlightsource.
  • Patent design for whole products including optical, electrical, heat emission, and surface performance.

Suggested installation method & Wrong method!


Product File

  • Model: LF21
  • Applications: Designedfortheindoororoutdoorlightingfortheports,mines,squaresandlargebuildings.
  • Standard:
  • Certificate:
  • Improve Records: None
  • Fault Records:  None
  • Quantity/Delivery Day: 

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