LT101 Solar Aviation Obstruction Light

LT101 Solar aviation warning light is specially designed for masts & tower obstacles (Telecommunication, GSM, Radio & TV), tall cranes, chimneys, tall buildings, sport stadiums, light pylons, high voltage towers and any other potentially hazardous obstructions to air traffic. With steady or flashing red safety light. Coupled with the latest LED technology, high grade silicon solar battery module, maintenance-free NIMH battery, the light will provide over 20 days of continuous operation in continuous rainy and cloudy days.

The housing uses Polycarbonate and die cast aluminium base, providing completely watertightness. The built-in photocell can switch ON/OFF the light at dusk and dawn. The product has the advantage of shockproof and can withstand the harsh effect of the environment. Flash setting can be customized based on your requirement.


Description Parameter
International standard ICAO(Aerodromes Annex 14)low intensity light TYPE-A
Light source LED
Intensity >10cd (flashing) 
Flash settings 60time/min(other type can be customized)
Horizontal divergence 360°
Vertical divergence ≥10°
LED lifetime 100,000 hrs 
On/off level 70/100 Lux 
Battery capacity 3.6V/8AH (maintenance-free) NIMH 
Solar Battery power consumption 1.8W   
Ambient temperature -30℃~+70℃
IP Protection IP65  
Continuous operation in rainy time 20 days
Mounting 177mm (Dr) * 238mm(H) 
Visible distance  >3.6Km (atmospheric transparency=0.85) 
Weight 2.3Kg 

Functions & Features

  • Based on LED technology
  • Aviation red type
  • Base material-- Die casting aluminum LM6
  • Lamp housing -- Polycarbonate with UV resistance
  • Bird spike
  • Built-in photocell
  • Steel wire is used to connect base to housing against falling in operation
  • Built in NIMH battery, ease for replacement
  • No RF-radiations, EMC compliant
  • Shockproof and corrosion resistance
  • Extremely Reliable -- Major maintenance cost saving
  • Very low power consumption -- Low energy cost  

Model Selection

Model Alarm Output Function
LT101 Without
LT101B With

Installation Dimension(Unit:mm) 

Installation Instruction

Production Flow Chart

Installation and Operation

  • Please read the instruction manual carefully before operation.
  • Mount the solar light in the most suitable place such as under direct sunlight, to ensure its continuous operation.
  • Screw the lamp on the G3/4'' threaded pipe, which should be fixed on a smooth surface with enough mechanical strength (see mounting drawing).
  • When first operation, if the light does not light up in dark places, please put the light under direct sunlight for approx. 12 hrs.
  • Please keep the light in a very dry place, such as places with low humidity if do not use the light for a long time. Put the light under direct sunlight for three days every 40 days, to ensure the battery capacity.
  • Built in NIMH battery, after being used 450 times (15 months), the battery capacity is approx. 80% of previous capacities, at this moment, please replace the battery in time.

Product File

  • Model: LT101
  • Applications: Applied to iron towers(electicity,telecom, microwave, etc), chimneys(heat-engine plant, coking plant,chemical plant), high buildings, large-scale bridge.large-scale port machinery,large engineer machinery and wind turbines which need the warning for aircraft machines.
  • Standard: ICAO Type A low intensity
  • Certificate:
    1. CE certified
    2. Wind Tunnel Test Report
    3. Utility model patent certificate/Design patent
  • Improve Records:None
  • Fault Records: Power supply fault/Bilging
  • Quantity/Delivery Day: 5 Pcs / 5 Days

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