LH856U LED High intensity Aviation Obstruction Light

For marking Towers (Telecom, GSM), Smokestacks, Buildings and any other potentially hazardous obstructions to air traffic.


Description Parameter
International Standard ICAO(Annex)High intensity TypeA; FAA-L856
Light source LED,192pcs
LED life ≥100,000h
Voltage AC200V~AC240V
Power consumption 320W(Max)
Color White
Photocell On/off level 500Lux
Horizontal degree 90°
Vertical degree 3°-7°
Flashing rate 40 FPM
Intensity Day: ≥210000cd
- Twilight: 20000cd±25%
- Night: 2000cd±25%
Operating temperature -40˚C ~ +55˚C
Humidity 10% ~ 95% (no coagulation)
Ingress protection IP65
Anti-wind ability 50m/s
Material Shell: SUS304       
- Lens: Tempered glass
Weight 22kg

Functions & Features

  • Based on LED technology and meets optics standard.
  • LED technology, work long life time, extremely reliable and cost saving.
  • Working temperature: -40? ~ +55??can be used in very harzard conditions.
  • Tempered glass lens, good impact resistance, thermal stability and glossiness.
  • Aluminum shell, shock resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Flash sychronous with built-in GPS mould based on UTC.
  • Built-in power supply and control circuit, easy mounting.


  • Secure the light on a smooth surface which has enough strength, if there is no mounting surface, we can customize special mounting bracket as request.
  • When install the light, do not install the photocell towards the light beam around, and also ensure the photocell is not covered by something.
  • Make sure the power supply can match the rated power of light before connecting.
  • Open the nameplate cover, connect power cable and earth wire to corresponding terminals through waterproof gland.
  • Check whether the power cables are connected correctly before power on.


  • Ensure that the power connection part is correct before using.
  • Please do not open any components inside when light is working.
  • This product is a sealed structure,please do not open any components inside by yourself.

Product File

  • Model: LH856U
  • Applications:Applied to iron towers(electicity,telecom, microwave, etc), chimneys(heat-engine plant, coking plant,chemical plant), high buildings, large-scale bridge.large-scale port machinery,large engineer machinery and wind turbines which need the warning for aircraft machines.
  • Standard:ICAO Type A high intensity FAA L-856 CAAC L-856
  • Certificate:
  • Improve Records:None
  • Fault Records:None
  • Quantity/Delivery Day:5pcs/15Days

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