LR13 Beacon LED 

Design for engineering machinery(overhead crane, crawler crane, gantry crane etc), harbour
crane(quay crane, mobile crane etc.)


Description Parameter
Operating voltage DC12V/DC24V/AC110~AC260V (optional)
Power ?40W
Power supply Input voltage AC380V/AC460V (optional)
Warning mode Flash/ Steady burning/ Rotating/ Strobe flash
Light source LED
Color Red, Amber (can be customized)
light intensity ?300cd
Operating temperature -40?C ~ +75?C
IP rating IP65
Humidity 10% ~ 95% (non condensation)
Weight 0.8kg
Material Base: PA6+GF30%, Lens: PC

Main features& advantages

  • Super bright LED light source, long lifetime, energy saving and environment protection, instant light up and off.
  • Adopts single group constant current drive, digit control technology ensure product stability
    and durability
  • Integrated lens adopts high transmitting material, professional photometric design improve
    luminous efficient.
  • Water proof, anti-corrosion, vibration resistant and UV resistant.
  • Various mounting and wiring type for option.
  • Option: external power supply.

Installation and Operation

  • Check whether the operating voltage complies with the rated voltage of the warning light.
  • Regular mounting: Fix it onto the surface with 3pcs M6 bolts
  • Flange mounting: Fix it onto the surface which has enough strength with 3pcs M6 bolts and nuts Magenetic mounting: Fix it onto the surface of the magnetic metal which has enough magnetic force to avoid the coming off because of fierce shock or strong wind.
  • Thread rod mounting: Fix it on M24 thread rod.


Product File

  • Model: LR13
  • Applications: Applied to hoist machinery, bridge crane, travel crane, metallurgy where need the signal indicator
  • Standard:
  • Certificate: 
  • Improve Records:
  • Fault Records:
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