ABC3Pro Trolley line indicator 

This product is used to indicate the conductor power, specially designed for overhead crane, gantry cranes etc.


Description Parameter
Rated voltage DV24V/AC110V/AC220V/AC380V/AC460V
Frequency 50Hz~60Hz
Rated Power Consumption <8W (signle light)
Light Color Red, Yellow, Green, Blue (optional)
Visible distance >300m
LEDs life time 100,000h
Operating mode steady burning (flash can be customized)
Wiring Y type connection
Operating Temperature -30 ~ +70
IP Rate IP65
Ambient humidity 10% ~ 95% (non condesation)
Material Aluminum alloy / Plastic (optinal)
Mount type Horizental mount / Vertical mount

Major functions and features

  • Aluminum enclosure with powdercoat paint finishes, durable and reliable, corrosion resistant, light weight.
  • LED light source, long life time.
  • Multple seals with silicon rubber, high ingress protection grade.
  • Easy to mount, lamp numbers and colors are flexible combination.

Installation and operation

  • Ensure that the input voltage is correct.
  • Fix product to mount face by using four nos. M10 screws (not provided), ensure mount face is flat and has enough mechanical strength
  • Remove 4 nos. screws on enclosure to open the product, refer wiring connection diagram to connect wires to terminal blocks, close the product and fix the screws after wiring.
  • Ensure cable connection is correct before power on.

Model selection table

 Model  Color (from top to bottom)  Lamp diameter  Cable gland  Weight (KG)
 2-light combination  Red+Green  118mm   metal  4.0




3-light combination  Yellow+Green+Red  118mm   metal  5.7
 Green+Red+Yellow  118mm
 Red +Yellow+Green  118mm
 Green+Red+Blue  118mm


Mounting dimension (unit: mm)


Wiring connection


  • Ensure cable connection is correct.
  • While product is operating, temperature rise is normal phenomenon.
  • While product is operating, do not open proucts, prevent any dangers.
  • The product is sealed structure, warranty is terminated if unauthorzied people maintain the product.
  • Read these instructions completely and carefully.





Amount g
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