FA13 series wind speed sensor

Special design for plant, electric power, harbor, factories and mines, wind generator etc large mechanical equipments.


Description Parameter
Operating voltage VCC=DC12V-DC30V
Measuring range 0.5-50m/s
Wind speed start ≤0.5m/s
Anti-wind intensity 70 m/s
Precision ±0.5 m/s  (<5m/s);Measure data±3% (≥5 m/s)
Heating type Automatic
Heating voltage DC24V±6V
Heating power ≤50W
Surge protection 4KV/2KA
ESD protection 15KV
Ambient temperature -40℃~+70℃
Humidity 0%~99%
Wind cup Stainless Steel
IP protection IP65
Bearing Stainless Steel 440C
Weight 0.6KG
Enclosure Aluminum alloy/Fluorocarbon coating
Signal output UART

Major functions & features

  • Anemometer sensor use magnetic sensor measuring principle.
  • Sensor data collected with high precision and reliability.
  • Wind speed measurement with wide range, low wind speed start.
  • Wind speed sensor/vane use metal enclosure, corrosion resistant and strong anti-wind capability.
  • Wind cup stainless steel, can be used in harsh conditions
  • Compact sensor design, set wind speed measurement, heating device in one, easy installation and maintenance.
  • Sensor fault-tolerant design, sensor will not be damaged even wrong wiring.
  • Multilevel lighting protection and surge protection.
  • Work over a wide voltage range.

Signal and model selection:

Model Mounting method Wiring Signal
FA131A Φ42~Φ54 pipe Aviation plug Asynchronous serial port output?baud rate 300, eight bit data, no parity, one stop bit, signal range 0~VCC. Match Nanhua FA101C or FA130C display panel.
FA131B Self-balanced Wire out directly
FA131D G3/4” whorl
FA133A Φ42~Φ54 pipe Aviation plug 4?20mA three-wire current loop?load resistance≤500Ω
FA133B Self-balanced Wire out directly
FA133D G3/4” whorl
FA135A Φ42~Φ54 pipe Aviation plug NPN pulse signal?0.5m/s=2Hz?50m/s=573Hz
FA135B Self-balanced Wire out directly
FA135D G3/4” whorl

Communications cable

  • Communication cable  RVVP / 5 pin / 0.5mm ² / copper / low-temperature shield cord, the default wiring length L = 0.5 m (customizable); maximum communication distance of 200m.

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