5S Control

About 5S

  • SEIRI:Distinguish the needed and needless equipments, materials, products etc at work site. Articles needed should be well managed and put in order while the needless articles should be further distinguished into the useful and the useless. Move the useful articles out of the site for relative assessment and useless articles should be absolutely cleared out.
  • SEITON: The needed articles should be easy get without searching and returned to the original place after using for safety and efficiency. All articles should be clearly indicated with marks.
  • SEISO: Beautify the environment and clean the desk to make a bright and pleasant work site so that can help make people feel happy and improve efficiency.
  • SEIKETSU: To maintain the cleaning effect, and keep clean.
  • SHITSUKE: Every member should have good work habits and work under the regulations. Civilized staff is the security of civilized management.

Before 5S rectification


After the initial 5S change

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