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About Nanhua™

Shanghai Nanhua Electronics Co,. Ltd is an independent enterprise with modern management which is located in Shanghai. We design, manufacture and sell world leading signal, lighting and control products which be applied in industrial areas, marine environment and hazardous environment. Up to date, Nanhua products have been sold all over the world.

Since 1990, Nanhua has kept focus on workers who work in high risk areas. Our technical and sales people go to the harsh working areas, deeply understand customer's needs, in order to supply the highly reliable products and service to customers.

We have always keeps R&D based on safely sound and light technology, develop a large quantity of innovative products and solutions. This is the reason that Nanhua sustainable development.

At present, most products and service which were provided by Nanhua at the early stage have become the industrial standard and be well applied to ports, mining, airport and energy etc industries. Nanhua products have been regarded as a high-performance solution in traditional industrial grade safely signal and lighting fields.

Nanhua will continue to maintain reliable, safety and simple R&D concepts, combine with the latest technology, commit to developing new products to help customer solve problems and enhance customer value.

Our philosophy

As an employee of Nanhua, we believe the reason of Nanhua gain a foothold in the industry is to provide excellent products and service to customers.

We trust each other, and we believe the value of personnel and enterprise will be realized through long and hard work. Integrity and respect for each other is the criteria we deal with internal and external affairs of the company.

Nanhua commits to creating an interactive and open culture, we respect the diversity of culture, and we have the courage to open up and continue to develop. Nanhua expects to become the nationally competitive enterprise. We believe we can change the world through our creativity and positive work. We are filled with hope for a better future.

And we are very pleasure to assume the responsibility to work and share a happy life with our customer, partners and colleagues.

Nanhua History

2015, by the end of Jul, staff 281

  • In January, according to the company's product line needs, research and development center system acquired corresponding adjustment, the adjusted research and development center is more able to combine the market and improve the efficiency of research and development, so that the company's products industry leading ideas are guaranteed;
  • In February, the company adjusted the Nanhua performance appraisal system, which is focused on good staff incentive, in order to encourage the talents and objectively and reasonably settle the members of the organization, but also greatly arouse the staff enthusiasm, improving the work performance;
  • In March, Nanhua production capacity withstood the test again, in order to ensure quality, resulting in being unable to guarantee a part of the orders delivery. The company canceled the dividend, one part of the colleagues have started vigorous debate;
  • In April, the orders continued to grow rapidly. The company organized staff trips to Daming Mountain, Tianmu Lake, Mount Huangshan and Mount Putuo;
  • In May, the company dealt with the continuous growth of the logistics costs, the company appointed a specialist responsible for reduction of the cost of the transportation by 10%. Following the successful completion of the port of Singapore after-sales center, Nanhua high-quality after-sales services are highly recognized by the customers and the new purchase contracts are identified;
  • In June, the part of the production line needed to be integrated in order to adapt to the new market demands. Due to the growth of business volume, to improve the efficiency of the office, the company updated the relevant office equipment;

2014, by the end of December, staff 303

  • In January, the total sales value was USD 1,142,830.34, with a yearly increase of 29%. Bulk order before the Chinese New Year holiday and the preparation of stocks that were needed for the beginning of the New Year caused high pressure to the production lines and warehouse storage. The external financial audit to the Company's financial regulations and systems management was retained, and they gave us valuable recommendations for improvement;
  • In Feb, the total sales value was USD 900,494.53. Orders reduced for the first month after holiday, but were still raised on a yearly basis. But the disadvantages of internal production, material control and warehousing were obviously increasing. Organization structure adjusted at the meantime, and the management team (EMT) was established in order to take up the company's responsibility for operations management;
  • In March, total sales orders were USD 1,506,117.96, and the orders increased rapidly. We have passed the factory Explosion proof certification audits in that month. Meanwhile, the internal process and detail control tasks still remained the urgent problems for us. A new management mode continued to form;
  • In April, sales constantly kept on 1,602,344.78 USD, but the profit hasn't increased synchronously, and company was still struggling;
  • In May, sales were 1,548,655.67USD. We began to put the "GM mailbox" on each floor in order to learn about different suggestions and ideas; on 19th May, building No.19 started its operation, and all the industrial production lines were moved to workshop in building No. 19;
  • In June, sales went over 2 million US Dollar, up to 2,244,990.58USD. All of the NANHUA staff received Ferrero chocolate as a gift; Anemometer sales department was canceled. Industrial light sales departments one and two combined. NANHUA was still in transforming and developing process, but it will form new style and trend in the future.
  • In July sales exceeded 13 million, but some anxiety was caused by material capacity issues, as storage facilities were overwhelmed by numerous goods that were not shipped on time. In the same month, the company arranged Everbright bank cards for all employees, which led to cost relief.
  • In August, orders increased to 12.81 million. At the same time, after-sales service was launched in Singapore, reflecting the responsible attitude of Nanhua.
  • In September, orders have reached the record values of 14.3 million Yuan and the supply chain has returned to normal conditions. The company's performance has improved but the cash flow was tight.
  • In October, monthly sales maintained at 13.77 million. Our company accelerated progress regarding UL and other international certifications in order to coordinate efforts and meet the international quality requirements of Nanhua products for industrial professionals. General manager's mailbox was continuously used and it was available for all of the employees in order to enhance the company's ongoing management and employee recognition efforts.
  • In November, monthly sales reached 9.67 million yuan, sales picked up, the pressure shifted, the delivery of products from storage surpassed the high volume of 14 million. The company's marketing center organized "Gold of the desert king" advanced training. The marketing team has been further improved.
  • In December, monthly sales reached 14.5 million, storage output was 18 million, which was a new record. To ensure the product's delivery and quality, the company introduced the most advanced automated chip mounter machine. The company began a rigorous review of the implementation of the annual budget.

2013, staff 283, annual sales amount USD 12,363,333

  • In January, Our three product-based sales teams have launched the operation. The goal was to gradually refine the performance appraisal system of sales groups and emphasize the professionalization of the sales;
  • In February, the accumulative sales increased by 40% when comparing to the same period last year. We regulated the structure of the R&D center based on the company plan. We combined alarming light department with aviation obstruction light department in order to establish the warning light department. We continuously discussed about the position of our company and products in the same month;
  • In April, the monthly orders valued up to RMB 8,690,000 which is the greatest achievement ever made. Our three R & D departments definitely identified their development direction and job focus;
  • In May, the occupation qualification assessment and salary system was gradually completed. Promotion channels of sales were defined into business and business management. International sales Department 2, as one of the four extended departments was established;
  • In June, administrator questionnaire surveys were used in order to adjust the management team of the production department. We increased the input on the experimental instruments and procured large-size integrating sphere and sand & dust test chamber. There was a 40.27% increase in sales comparing to the same period of last year;
  • In July, a serious quality accident of LED industrial lights happened. The amount of the recalled and replaced light fixtures went up to 15,000 units, which had a serious impact on the routine production operations. This accident indeed highlighted the potential risk of the implementation of ISO system;
  • In August, the monthly sales reached USD 1,580,000, which was the highest record in the history. To celebrate this achievement, every single employee was awarded with a Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Another important matter was that the decoration of the new office for R & D department was completed and Optical and Electric Labs were built. Our office facility was extended to 1,300 square meters which paved the way for the greater goals;
  • In September, we began to implement the strict ISO system of internal investigating in order to reinforce the standardization management for the sales documents. The problem of no marks at the production process so that the quality accident can't be traceable has been alarming;
  • In October, sales amount was USD 840, 000. It seemed to increase smoothly in the fourth quarter, and all the sales departments finished the long-term planning with definite market direction;
  • In November, NANHUA set up the Industry light Department Two, and took further steps in research and development in Industry lighting market. At the same time, the after-sales team was created in order to increase the after-sales service. NANHUA got the AK-LBG certificate. The ISO system external audits were completed and the external Finance auditing began;
  • In December, sales amount was USD 1,410,000, and the annual sales completed with good performance. The first explosion proof product passed the IEC test. The annual sales for industry lights products accounted more than 27%, the position of product and company became clearer day by day;

2012, staff 228, annual sales amount USD 9,184,147.59

  • Worse-than-assumed economic situation has scaled down our clients' expected goals. As a result, sales have declined during the first month of 2012;
  • In February, long and heated discussion about the happiness of the employees was conducted via endless email threads. Management has done much but the effect was not very good;
  • We decreased the costs of design and build; some productions took such advantages as a reason for lower price on the market;
  • First-quarter sales were USD 1,453,000. They were 13.7% down but there was also a 33.49% rise of management costs when compared with the same period of last year;
  • We set the minimum wage standard of production workers at USD 237 per month. Our company was suffering from cash flow problems because of the bank acceptance bills that were accumulated through the first quarter;
  • We focused on studying of the detailed work of Ocean Sales Department and Wind Power Sales Department, and continued to increase the input of sales. The cash flow problems have been solved in the same month;
  • In June, Ocean Sales Department was dismissed and sales in Ocean Sales Department merged into Coast Sales Department. The problems existing in the research and development of DT Digital Intercom gradually exposed in the practical applications. Nanhua sent a lot of engineers to each customer site for maintenance or correction. The overall sales began to rise;
  • In July, three types of aviation lights obtained the production license of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Managers' assessment in the second quarter was completed; the direction of product development became the Nanhua's most important issue;
  • In August, the adjustment of sales teams reached an obvious effect. The cooperation and division of industrial sales and products sales has been defined clearly. We made a thorough improvement on the problems of digital intercom & paging system. In the same month, Nanhua became the core supplier certificated by approval of the largest port machinery manufacturers;
  • In September, Nanhua exempted an administrator based on the questionnaire survey. Nanhua made an increase in salary for 30% of the staff. The supplier management gradually became a hard work. In the same month, the management costs decreased by 20%, close to the level of the same period in 2011. The whole operation efficiency of the company was being improved day by day;
  • In October, the problem of storage management & MQC after internal and external audit raised. We organized 80 internal operators to attend Outward Bound in order to strengthen the team building. At the same time, sales and marketers started product training and they were requested to offer professional sale and professional service;
  • In November, monthly sales reached USD 1,110,000 and export business began to recover steadily. The careful money management ensured our ample funds. We continued to promote the sales and marketer training, and a clear training & appraisal system was formed;
  • In December, Some employees from other cities left their positions to go home as a result of regional problems. This trend continued to increase year by year. At the end of this year, the company performance has obviously raised, so did the suppliers and the companies in this field.

2011: staff 235 annual sales amount USD 9,513,630.31

  • In Jan, we recruited R & D personnel. Totally 6 new colleagues joined in the R&D department at the end of March. Suppliers' structure and purchasing department adjusted at the same Period;
  • In Feb, after the Spring Festival, Nanhua adjusted workers salary. The minimum wage was set to USD 206. This solved the problem of job drought promptly. Simultaneously, we introduced the external auditing firm to audit the financial work;
  • In March, the most serious injuries occurred since our establishment; a fitter cut two fingers in the first section by a shearing machine in the finishing machining workshop. A bone was damaged and two other fingers were slightly injured. In the same period, Nanhua adjusted the salary system, hoping to reflect a more optimized, more equitable salary system;
  • When compared to the same period in 2010, the amount of sales in the first quarter increased by 81.32%;
  • In April, 《Department Performance Appraisal System 》has been finished, with monthly sales of 6.3 million RMB, the highest single monthly sales record;
  • In May, the second adjustment of workers' salary was done through the personnel and plant management. Some workers' salaries increased again. Same month we contacted with ERP Software Company;
  • In June, Nanhua signed agreement with Kingdee software. We expected good solutions to improve Nanhua internal management. Same month we cooperated with law firms and began to solve issues about employees who breach the contract and patent infringement;
  • Second quarter sales amount increased by 76% when compared with the same period in 2010; quarterly cash conversion cycle was 68 days;
  • In July, problems occurred on the products' adhesive technology, resulting in batch rework. In the same month, the quality of digital intercom became the most important problem in Nanhua;
  • In August, the ERP system project started. Nanhua took part in the M&T exhibition in Brazil. In the same month, Nanhua began to research products more cautiously, and the monthly sales set record at USD 1,120,000;
  • In September, the external financial auditing company proceeded the second quarter of the year audit to Nanhua and their help became obvious. In the same month, NANHUA made the manager questionnaire; HR conducted this survey based on employees' feedback and then removed two managers;
  • When compared to 2010, the sales volume of the third quarter increased by 63.47%. Two female colleagues became pregnant in July, their belly became larger little by little, and they gave a breath of life to our office;
  • In October, DT digital intercom system quality issue and chip supplies issue appeared, causing customers' complaints and delivery delays. These issues were resolved in November. In that month, Nanhua received some Bank Acceptance Bills from the customers. It caused some trouble with cash flow. In the meantime, it became more difficult to assess salesmen;
  • In November, Nanhua sales amount was decreased. In this month, we transformed sales department and confirmed the division of product sales and industry sales. Meanwhile, R&D group was divided into four R&D departments. This improved research direction and research management freedom and independence;
  • In December, Economic and industrial downturn continued. In this month, Nanhua launched upgraded models of wind speed sensors and applied second generation ERP system. In the meantime, Nanhua Electronics became one of Shanghai high-tech enterprises. Staff training, Institution system construction and Software authorizations continued to advance.
  • Sales amount of last quarter in 2011 increased 13.16% when compared to 2010.

2010: staff 210, clients 5100, Annual Sales USD 5,979,667.69

  • In Jan, the management association has reached the consensus with the shareholders; Nanhua will share 10% of the company profit as bonus with the staff;
  • In March, Nanhua set up a test for assessment of personnel. In April, based on the second examination, some of the staff has been dismissed;
  • The first quarter's sales volume was higher than any previous year's, however the administration costs increased too. At the same time, changes in personnel increased;
  • On the 1st of April, news came from ZTE that Nanhua has become the qualified supplier for them. That day was the Fool's day;
  • In May, on the management meeting, some cases which have been traced for more than 5 months came to a result, and the positive factors continued to increase;
  • In June, Nanhua Electronics Co.,Ltd's company expansion registered capital increased to USD 730,000;
  • In July, Nanhua got the approval of the Export & import authority. Nanhua will be able to continue running the Import and export business by itself;
  • In August, a Purchase Order was received from Wind power manufacturers. The investment for the wind power industry finally returned. The first half year- bonus has been issued to the staff;
  • On September, because of the quality problem, the after sales became the highlight of that month, esp. the Digital circuit development;
  • On October, we passed the preliminary inspection by MITSUI, and the monthly sales went up to USD 780,000, which was the highest record in Nanhua's history;
  • On November, Nanhua participated in the 2010 Bauma Exhibition. In that month, the problems of organizational Management and coordination began to intensify. Internal arguments appeared every day in the meeting room;
  • On December, "manager questionnaire survey" began to carry out. The employees could evaluate and report their managers through this survey. At the same time, in order to protect copyright, authorized software was greatly recommended;

2009: staff 170, clients 4830, Annual Sales USD 4,108,522.98

  • Annual sales revenue decreased 16.7% because of the financial crisis. However, the increase of staff caused the increase of operation costs. The shareholders did not expect this, and it brought some anxiety to the management team;
  • In March, the management team found out that some of the Nanhua products were copied by other companies. The management team and staff were helpless. They made some reflection of their own and they gradually implemented measures that pushed company to install and use legitimate software and respect the interests of the others;
  • In June and Dec, our company was inspected by ZTE twice. However, we still did not pass. We found out that there were many problems that existed in our company through the two inspections. We tried our best to solve those problems and expected the next inspection;
  • In August, a new financial manager came, and set up a completely new financial department (consisting of 5 people). After that, the period when financial dept. was operated by shareholders came to an end;
  • In September, All the 5 sales departments decided to implement democratic management, in order to improve the internal cooperation;
  • In October, our company was inspected by Alstom. We passed and became one of their suppliers;
  • In November, a new QC manager came. We put a lot of hope on him and expected from him to solve the continuous quality problems and improve our quality control level;
  • In December, our Marketing department was set up. It consisted of 4 young people, a small group with a big range of issues to do;
  • In December, after 20 years of operation, we finally registered Shanghai Nanhua Electronics Co., Ltd;
  • By the end of that year, we insisted on the overall planning, same as in the past year. We continued to employ more people for various needs and had a good prospect of year 2010. Most of the young staff who came in the past 3 years got married and started to have children in that year. During the great economic depression, we lived a happy life.

2008: staff 146, clients 3285

  • Sales revenue kept growing under financial crisis environment and it increased by 30%;
  • In June, the six-day's working week that was used for 19 years was finally abandoned;
  • In July, we divided R & D engineers into 4 teams based on different product series. We started clear and specializing management;
  • In August, Supply Chain Department was officially formed. It put purchasing, warehousing and PMC into one management body;
  • In October, International Sales Department that had 3 staff was officially formed;
  • On October 6th, Management Union that represented shareholder benefits was formed, which implemented General Manager & Management Union co-managing mode;
  • In November 28th, Nanhua relocated to the new work site that had better facilities;
  • In the end of 2008, management team construction from 2005 started to take shape. With hard working, the new management team was approved by our clients, employees and shareholders.

2007: staff 120, clients 2400

  • Our Domain Name was updated to Our website featured an internet-based ordering system. We developed business for Digital Cable Television Network and radio alarm system. We carried out Nanhua brand-building. Quality Control and Supervision approached advanced international levels.

2006, staff 100, clients 2000

  • We opened international business and attracted the best talents to strengthen our R & D team. We improved information construction and promoted technical innovation. We collaborated with the largest enterprise in India, Reliance Group, in order to install aviation obstruction lights on 15,000 Indian telecommunication towers.

2005: staff 80, clients 1500

  • Designed and developed NHT Page/Multi-party communication system which replaced American products in domestic market. We started the ERP construction.

2003: staff 45, clients 430

  • We continued dedication to the needs of the industry and expansion of product lines. LED lights were developed. We launched the website

1999: staff 15, clients 100

  • We developed User Service for the metallurgical industry. We designed and manufactured BC-2 high power annunciator. With high quality and reliability, the product attracted wide attention.

1994: Nanhua Electronics Company registered, staff 5, clients 20

  • Nanhua electronics is focused on port terminal industry to design and manufacture beacon sirens that are suitable for hazardous and harsh conditions. Our products have gained customers' acceptance. After 10 years of experience in port industry, Nanhua products have been used globally in port terminals and the application rate for Nanhua beacon sirens was beyond 80%.


  • Company founder started his business in a family workshop. He designed and manufactured his first audible and visual alarms for two industrial enterprises.

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