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Port Machinery

In 1990, Nanhua began to work with Port Machinery Company and Operators, so our technicians understand the harsh effects of the environment, such as salt spray corrosion, strong vibration and temperature change. Through our continued efforts, Nanhua alarm sirens, warning lights and broadcast telephones are now used in 80% of the world's ports and harbors. Under the supervision of operators and harbor technicians, Nanhua's products and services have continued to improve.

Mechanical Engineering

In 1992, Nanhua alarms entered the metallurgy industry, in order to be used on large and medium sized cranes. Through long-term practical application, Nanhua has continued to improve the design and production technique of their products. Nanhua's alarms and warning lights are now widely used by large manufacturers … We are proud of our products' durability and resistance to rapid temperature change and strong vibration.

Aviation Warning Light

In 2000, Nanhua low intensity aviation obstruction lights lit up large port equipment all over the world. In 2006, through our cooperation with experienced companies in England and South Africa, Nanhua developed the most reliable and technologically advanced aviation lights in the world. Now, the aviation and obstruction lights developed by Nanhua have extended to markets in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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